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FGCU Photo Collections


Photographs from the past and present can be found in our FGCU photo collection.

Important information about the photos within our collection:

  • All photographs are copyrighted and property of FGCU and to only be used by FGCU faculty, staff and students for FGCU related purposes.
  • FGCU photographs are of FGCU related events and activities, campus photos, campus life, and more.
  • The photographs are not available to the general public.
  • The photograph collection is updated as new photos are taken.
  • This is an ongoing project - keywords, sets, and collections will continue to be updated.

FGCU Photos in the Photo Catalog System

How to access the FGCU Catalog System

To access the photos in the Photo Catalog System, contact Bob Klein at (239) 590-7079 to schedule a time to search the collection. Most photos in this collection are high resolution and suitable for print, however they can be cropped and scalled for use on websites, powerpoint presentations, and courses.

Photos you retreive from this collection can be copied to your share folder, external storage device such as a jump drive, or burned to a CD or DVD.

More Information

If you have any questions or comments about the FGCU Photo and Image Collection please contact:

David Jaeger
Phone: (239) 590-2315