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Healthy Hump Day


Healthy Hump Day


What is Healthy Hump Day?

Healthy Hump Day is our creative way of doing additional weekly outreach. Each Wednesday, from 11am-2pm in front of our office, we have our Healthy Hump Day tables set up under our blue and white Prevention & Wellness/Peers CARE tent. Each Healthy Hump Day event features a different wellness topic, a corresponding game or activity, and the chance to win prizes. Other freebies and lots of wellness info on that topic is always available as well.  We even have our own Healthy Hump Day camel mascot, Sir Humphrey, to make it more fun. Click HERE to see what topic we’ll be featuring this week!

How does it work?

Healthy Hump Day takes place every Wednesday during the academic year in front of our office from 11am-2pm. Students simply stop by for a few minutes and then are on their way. The design of all Healthy Hump Day activities are meant to be brief, and the visibility of our Healthy Hump Day tables on main campus makes it an easy and quick stop between classes.

What is the goal?

We recognize not all students will get a chance to attend one of our programs, or come into our office for information. The goal of this outreach is to go to where students are, be available, and provide information in a fun and engaging way that is brief but still meaningful. We have found it to be a great way to reach some students we may not otherwise be able to connect with through our other outreach.