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Peers CARE ( Get involved!)


Peers CARE 2013-2014

Back (L-R): Jessie Clark, Jackie Kaspar, Chelsea Cicero, Elizabeth Shephard, Stevenlyne Dufort, Kevin Thau, Tariq Mclean, Kelsey Zeller, Jake Tempkins, Jake Eisenmann, Chris Lonzisero, Mallory Richards, Kristi Belotto

Front (L-R): Amanda Toback, Georgia Cudmore, Brandee Longwell, Marissa DePasquale, Betsy Declet, Alethia Kielbasa, Stephanie Wolf, Katie Stiefbold, Anamaria Mikosz, Angelique Bonner

What is Peers CARE?

Peers CARE is a group of undergraduate students who are trained as Peer Educators on various topics related to student health. Peer Educators share health and wellness information with other students in fun and engaging ways. They present programs to fellow students on information related to alcohol, drugs, stress, and nutrition (to name a few!). In addition to programming, Peers participate in various campus events and projects, such as the Celebrate Your Body Week, Cash Cab and The MOST Eagles Prize Team! 

Who are Peer Educators?

  • Individuals who are committed to sharing knowledge with their peers
  • Individuals who creatively and engagingly inform their peers of their knowledge
  • Peer Educators are NOT counseling professionals
  • They allow for their peers to take their knowledge to make better informed decisions
  • They are open-minded and accepting of differences
  • Peer Educators are a referral source for students on campus 

Our Mission:

To promote a wellness-based lifestyle for all Florida Gulf Coast University students through education and leadership. Our job is to provide students with information to they can be informed consumers and have resources as they make decisions about their health. The education we provide is done in a spirit of advocacy – and in this case, advocacy means empowering students to use accurate information along with interpersonal skills to make better choices for themselves.