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Prevention and Wellness

Substance Abuse Counselor


Got a question about alcohol or drugs? Ask Kelly!

Kelly is the Substance Abuse Counselor at FGCU. She works full-time in CAPS (Counseling & Psychological Services) seeing clients, but she has one day a week dedicated to working on on AOD (Alcohol and Other Drug) programming and initiatives for Prevention & Wellness.

Kelly's work in P&W includes assisting with the promotion of and MOST Eagles, conducting select trainings for our Peers CARE group on substance issues, doing most of the alcohol programming for Greeks and consulting with P&W staff on alcohol and drug programming.

Students who want to ask Kelly a question about alcohol or drugs can call CAPS and ask to see her for a one-time, 30 minute consult appointment. If you are interested in the open Substance Abuse Group facilitated by Kelly, or general counseling services, please call CAPS for more information.

(Any alcohol or drug program requests are to be completed HERE.)