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Whitaker Center

Whitaker Center

Phillip Allman

Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences
Research Interests: Reptile and amphibian ecology and conservation, primarily turtles and tortoises
Phone: (239) 590-7974
Office: WH - 121

My primary research interests are in conservation biology, herpetology, and physiological ecology. I use reptiles and amphibians as model systems to understand population level impacts that occur from habitat degradation and loss. I help coordinate the FGCU Herpetology Research Lab to provide students an opportunity to conduct herpetological-based research in the southwest Florida region. My focus group is turtles and tortoises. I am researching multiple gopher tortoise populations in southwest Florida, but am also directing a hingeback tortoise project in Ghana, West Africa. I am also directing a long-term sea turtle research and conservation program in Ghana, but have local sea turtle contacts throughout Florida for students that are interested in working with these animals closer to home.