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Message from the Director


Laura Frost

Hi everyone! It has been one amazing first year! It seems like a long time and that I would have met everyone, but I have not. There are lots of faculty, teachers, and community members that I have yet to meet! We had a great first year programming seminars in teaching and learning and STEM research for faculty, working with students of all ages, and assisting K-12 teachers!

About Me

Originally from Pennsylvania, I have a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Univ. of Pennsylvania. After graduating, I moved south to Georgia. In the years since, I think I have taught almost every college chemistry course there is at least once. I love teaching and even more, I love watching students learn. Students in my classes learn best when they discover the knowledge for themselves with my assistance. I hope to share some of my experiences in STEM Teaching and Learning with you and help you in your efforts.

I didn’t make this journey alone; I have a very supportive family including my husband, Baxter, two elementary aged children, and two cats.


If you share a passion for teaching, learning, and/or its scholarship: email, call, or stop by the Whitaker Center for a visit!

If you have an idea you want to explore related to STEM Education, I want to help you realize it.

Here are some areas where we might partner:

  • Measuring student learning and/or teaching effectiveness
  • Publishing research articles on STEM teaching and learning topics
  • Coordinating your STEM education grants
  • Evaluating your STEM education grants
  • Consulting and observing your course design
  • Coordinating K-12 or community outreach efforts
  • Planning other STEM related events

Hope to meet you soon,

Laura Frost