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Click the button below to apply now for the 2015 sessions! 

We invite you to participate in the 3rd annual STEM Summer Institute Summer Workshop for K-12 Teachers (SISWK-12,  pronounced “Sis-wik-twelve”) that will take place twice during the summer of 2015 the week of June 22-26 and repeated July 27-31 daily from 8:30AM-3:30PM at the Conservancy of Southwest Florida, in Naples, Florida.Woman Holding Chicken Bone at Forensic Dig

     At the SISWK-12, participants will be immersed in the research-based practice of writing and facilitating engaging inquiry-based STEM activities focusing on the SW Florida environment.  Inquiry-based pedagogies have been shown to improve student engagement, comprehension, and retention. The workshop infuses technology into the week by integrating iPads and probeware (Vernier Labquest 2) into classroom and field instruction.  FGCU faculty from the College of Education and the College of Arts and Sciences bring a balance of expertise to you during the workshop week.

     Partnering with local businesses through Champions for Learning, the workshop also connects STEM learning to professional job skills.  Participants will also learning about grant opportunities available for their classrooms from their local Education Foundations.  Participants will also be able to share and sustain their workshop experience through the CPALMS curricula repository.Measuring Pond Water pH

     Registration will be available late January. A $25 registration fee is required for acceptance into the workshop. The registration fee covers lunches and snacks for the week long workshop. Check should be made payable to "FGCU Foundation-Whitaker Center".Summer camps are available on site. Contact the conservancy for details on camps.

     The STEM Institute teacher workshops are developed through collaboration between the Conservancy of Southwest Florida education staff, Whitaker Center FGCU faculty associates, along with personnel from the education staff of Imaginarium.

     The Conservancy of Southwest Florida STEM Institute connects real-world environmental research with inquiry-based instruction. This program utilizes state-of-the-art technology made possible by a grant from AT&T, in an immersive natural setting, merging STEM-based curricula with core instruction.

Other aspects of the Conservancy’s STEM Institute to look forward to in the coming school year include K-12 programs for students:

  • K -12 Field Trips
  • STEM Smart – High School Research-Focused Programs

     Whitaker Center for STEM Education at FGCU takes a systemic approach to enhancing and reforming STEM education by providing professional development opportunities for K-12 educators, conducting research in STEM teaching and learning, developing innovative curricula, resources, and materials, developing and supporting programs for students, and building strong community partnerships.

Please contact the Whitaker Center for more information.


In partnership with: 

 SISWK-12 Partners (FGCU, Imaginarium, Champions for Learning)