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Whitaker Center

Whitaker Center




 Whitaker Center Upcoming Events

March 29, 2017

 STEMinar 3:30-4:30PM MAR 200

Dr. Diane Ebert-May: "Evidence-Based Teaching: Just the Facts or Thinking like Scientists?"

April 1, 2017 SunChase Solar Challenge        
April 5, 2017

STEMinar 3:30-4:30PM MAR 200

Lei Wang: "Tubuloglomerular Feedback in Salt-Sensitive Hypertension"

April 7, 2017 STEMPerks 8-10AM WH225        

Special Date & Time

April 11. 2017

STEMinar 4:30-5:30PM MAR 200

Matthew James

April 22, 2017 GEMS        


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