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Writing Center

  • Allow sufficient time to revise before the assignment is due.  Visiting the Writing Center at least twenty-four hours in advance of the assignment due date is recommended. 
  • Please bring assignment guidelines and a printout of your essay.  You can also bring your essay on a laptop computer.  You should also bring the textbook or sources, relevant class notes regarding the topic or assignment, and your questions.
  • Sessions are available on a walk-in basis. (Final sessions begin thirty minutes before closing.)  If a Writing Consultant is not immediately available, sign in, fill out a Record of Student Progress form, and wait for a consultant. Use this time to review the assignment guidelines, re-read your paper, and/or think of questions you would like to ask the Writing Consultant.
  • The writer is an active participant in the session. Our goal is to help you improve your overall skills (rather than merely working on one specific paper) by providing strategies and practice that will help you discover options and make choices you can build on independently. We are not a proofreading or editing service. Writers should proofread their papers before their sessions. We can, however, assist with proofreading and editing strategies that help you learn to recognize and correct grammatical errors.
  • Writers who do not understand an assignment should speak with their professors prior to visiting the Writing Center. In the event that you arrive at a session without a clear understanding of the assignment in question, the Writing Consultant will recommend that you contact the professor immediately. 
  • Writing Consultants may offer suggestions for revision based on a professor's comments, but they do not predict or explain the grade on a paper. Consultants will encourage writers to take questions regarding grades directly to their professors.
  • Writing Consultants will work only with the writer - no exceptions.
  • Assistance is available to FGCU students.
  • Unless you are utilizing one of the Writing Center computers or laptop stations, we ask that you work in the library or another space once you have completed your session so we can best assist other students.