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Faculty Frequently Asked Questions

How can a Writing Consultant help my students improve their writing skills?
Writing Center sessions are designed to assist writers in improving their ability to write and revise independently.  These sessions focus on fostering overall skills rather than on correcting errors in one specific paper. Writing consultants can help writers identify issues of style and mechanics; however, they do not edit or proofread. After a thirty-minute session, in which the writer and consultant work on one or two goals defined by the writer, students are expected to produce writing independently.
How can I encourage my students to visit the Writing Center?
You can share the link to the Writing Center website with your students and tell them about our hours of operation. You might also wish to bring your class to the Center (especially during the first week or two of the semester) so they will know where the office is located.  They will find that it is a nice facility with friendly staff members, which may help to alleviate any anxiety about visiting the Center for assistance with their writing assignments.
In addition, we will be happy to arrange a time for a writing consultant to visit your class to explain how the WritingCenter can help students improve their writing skills. For more information, contact Writing Center Director, Carol Bledsoe ( or (239) 590-7251). 
How can I refer a student to the Writing Center?
The FGCU Writing Center welcomes referrals from any discipline. For our writing consultants to best assist students, we ask that when you refer a student, you specify which areas of their writing you would like them to work on. If you refer a student and want to see if he or she has completed a session, you may visit or contact the Center. The student can also obtain a copy of their Record of Student Progress form, which contains information regarding when they attended and what was completed in the session.
Can I require my students to visit?
We kindly ask that you refrain from requiring entire classes to visit the Writing Center for a particular assignment. We have found that when professors require all students to visit, there is often a flood of students at the last minute (usually on the day the assignment is due).  This situation creates logistical difficulties for the Writing Center staff and results in a long wait for students.  It may also make it difficult for students to fulfill the requirement at the last minute.  If there is a particular skill or topic that you would like the Writing Center to address in your classroom, we would be happy to develop and deliver a presentation designed to meet the writing needs of your course.
How can I find out if one of my students has visited the Writing Center?
If you refer or require a student to visit the Writing Center, you are welcome to visit or contact the Center to find out when the student visited and what was covered in the session. The student can also obtain a copy of their Record of Student Progress form as proof of attendance.
Can a Writing Center staff member present in my class?
Yes. If your class is struggling with a writing assignment or there are specific writing skills on which your students would benefit from additional instruction, a writing consultant can visit your classroom to deliver a presentation or facilitate a workshop. We will develop presentation materials tailored to your course’s unique writing needs. For more information, contact Writing Center Director, Carol Bledsoe ( or (239) 590-7251). 
Does the Writing Center offer workshops? Can I require my students to attend?
Each semester, the Writing Center offers multiple workshops on topics that students, faculty, and writing consultants have identified as problematic areas for student writers. Workshops are typically an hour long and do not require students to register in advance. Information is posted on the “Workshops” tab of the FGCU Writing Center website.
You are welcome to require student attendance at these workshops; however, we ask that if you will be requiring an entire class to attend a workshop, please notify us so that we can make arrangements for an adequate space. (Please contact Carol Bledsoe with the number of students that you expect to attend: or (239) 590-7251).
If I am teaching a distance learning course, can my students still utilize the Writing Center?
Yes. Students who are taking a distance learning course and are unable to visit the Writing Center in person may take advantage of our distance learning tutoring. Using his or her Eagle email account, the student can email Writing Center Director, Carol Bledsoe ( with the essay attached as a Word document. The body of the email should indicate the course number and title, instructor, assignment due date, level (ACE, freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, graduate), assignment instructions, and one area that the student most needs assistance with (prewriting, thesis statement, development, documentation, or mechanics). The student should allow two business days to receive a response.