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Bobby Billings

I am an FGCU alumnus currently pursuing my MA in English. I enjoy helping others express themselves and seeing the satisfaction on a writer’s face when they are pleased with their work. I particularly enjoy discussing the role psychology, culture, and semiotics play in writing.

Chad Brodbeck

I am an MA candidate in the Department of Language and Literature and previously studied philosophy and biology at FGCU, my alma mater.  I relish working with philosophical and scientific writing and am excited when I get to consult with philosophy and biology majors.  I am an avid reader of fantasies by the Inklings, namely, J. R. R. Tolkien, and enjoy playing Bach and Beethoven on the violin.

Danika Cornelius

Having spent the last five years as a high school Spanish language and culture educator, I have a diverse foundation for my new position as a writing consultant.  As an FGCU alumna who studied multiple disciplines, I am well versed in various types of writing assignments as well as appropriate documentation styles needed to complete research papers. I enjoy assisting students through the many steps of the writing process as offered by the Writing Center.

Jason Forrest

I have been a writing consultant for five years. I am also an instructor for ENC 1101 and ENC 1102 here at FGCU. I hold a BA in English Writing & Rhetoric from St. Edward's University and an MA in English where I focused on rhetoric and the teaching of composition from Texas Woman's University.  I have helped many students with their revising and editing concerns, but I particularly enjoy exploring ideas, talking about language, and enabling students to write everything they want to convey.

Tom Goldman

One year ago, I began pursuing an MA in English and working at the Writing Center at FGCU.  I enjoy working with ESL students and helping anyone with a desire to improve their writing.  This semester, I began teaching ENC 1101.  I hold a BA in English from James Madison University and law degrees from Regent University and the University of Nottingham.  I am currently in the process of transferring from the practice of law to a career in teaching.   

Matt Jacobson

I am an FGCU alumnus currently completing my MA in English. I also teach ENC 1101 and 1102 at FGCU. My writing and tutoring interests include both academic and creative writing.

Lauren Layhew

This is my first year as a writing tutor at FGCU. I have spent extensive time in creative writing courses and writing-focused activities. My major is in social work, and I aspire to pursue my MA in 2015.  There is no greater joy than to watch thoughts transcend on paper and ideas turn into tangible expressions. Helping students succeed within their writing skills is a gift and a privilege.

Vanessa Lynch

I have been tutoring at the FGCU Writing Center since 2011, when I began my graduate program. I earned my BA in English with a minor in Creative Writing from FGCU in 2010. By day, I teach middle school English and creative writing. Although I enjoy helping students with all types of writing assignments, I love working on creative writing assignments and literary

Angela McReynolds

I am currently a senior at FGCU, and I am pursuing a BA in English. This is my first semester working at the FGCU Writing Center, and I enjoy helping students from a variety of majors. I plan to obtain an MA in English and teach at the collegiate level.

Richard Rippe

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, I transferred to Florida Gulf Coast University in the summer of 2010 and received my BA in English in 2013. I have minors in Creative Writing and Critical Theory and a background in music education, and I also enjoy writing and performing music at the various open mics around town. 

Lindsey Sellers

I have a BA in English from FGCU and am currently working towards an MA. I plan to pursue a career in teaching once I receive my MA. I enjoy working with students in the Writing Center on any topic and at any stage of writing, but my favorite sessions are the ones where I get to learn about new topics and subjects while we work. 

David Southard

I received my BA in English and Rhetoric from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and then went overseas to teach English for seven years. I am currently pursuing my MA in English here at FGCU. 

Angel Taylor

I have been tutoring at the FGCU Writing Center since 2008, when I was a graduate student. I completed my BA and MA here at FGCU, and I have also been teaching here since 2009—first as a teaching assistant, then as an adjunct instructor, and now as a faculty member. While I enjoy helping students with all kinds of assignments in the Writing Center, I most enjoy working with creative writing pieces and literary essays. I find the psychology, sociology, and forensics assignments to be fascinating as well.

Rebecca Youngblood

I graduated from UCF in 2010 with my BA in English Literature. Upon graduation, I worked in the clinical research field for three years until I began pursuing my MA in English at FGCU. In addition to tutoring, I teach composition courses and am a content and proposal writer for an architecture firm and contributing writer for a local magazine. I enjoy tutoring and especially love helping students through the paper planning process, focusing on organization and brainstorming ideas.