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The Writing Center


The FGCU Writing Center assists undergraduate students from every discipline and level. From the freshman Composition essay to the Senior Seminar research paper, our qualified consultants help students identify areas that need improvement and provide student writers with strategies for revising independently. The student is an active part of the session. We do not edit or proofread, but we do provide guidance on how students can improve their writing.
Thirty-minute sessions are available on a walk-in basis. In addition to assignments for class, students are also welcome to bring scholarship and application essays. The Writing Center also houses a variety of print resources and reference materials available for all FGCU students to use while in the Center.
Resumes and Cover Letters
In order to develop and improve your resume and/or cover letter, we recommend that you make an appointment with an advisor in Career Development Services. These advisors have expertise in the language and content that is most effective for job application materials. Students are also welcome to bring their resumes and cover letters to the Writing Center for additional suggestions and help with grammar and mechanics.
Group Assignments
The FGCU Writing Center assists with group writing assignments and projects. Our main goal is to help writers improve their writing skills and ability to revise independently. Therefore, the session is most effective if all of the group members are present. We realize that it may not be possible for all group members to attend the same session. If this is the case, our consultant can assist with mechanics, but he or she will not be able to provide suggestions for development or organization on the sections written by group members who are not present.
The FGCU Writing Center provides interactive workshops that assist student writers in developing effective writing skills and addressing the major challenges of academic writing. These workshops are offered throughout the semester on a variety of topics. More information is provided on the “Workshops” tab of the FGCU Writing Center website. You do not need register for workshops in advance. If you require proof of attendance, please see the workshop facilitator for more information.
Distance Sessions
Though we recommend that you visit the Writing Center to work in person with one of our consultants, we realize that this may not be possible for all students. If you are not able to visit the FGCU Writing Center in person during our hours of operation, you are still able to take advantage of the Center’s services. We are happy to accommodate students who are taking evening and distance (online) courses through our distance learning sessions. Due to limited staff availability, we are currently unable to offer distance sessions to students who are taking courses on campus and are able to visit the Writing Center in person.
Please be aware that our distance sessions are similar to in-person sessions and are time restricted. The writing consultant will spend approximately 30 minutes providing comments and feedback electronically. This time frame allows for a review of approximately 4-6 double-spaced pages. The consultant will not edit your paper, but he or she will identify issues and provide helpful comments and links with suggestions on how to improve.
If you would like to utilize our distance services, email Carol Bledsoe ( using your FGCU email account with your assignment attached as a Word document. The body of the email should indicate the course number and title, instructor, level (ACE, freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior), assignment due date, assignment instructions, and one area in which you would like to request assistance (prewriting, thesis statement, development, documentation, organization, or mechanics). 
Have a quick question?
If you have a quick formatting or grammar question, but you do not want to sign up for a session, stop by the Writing Center, email us, or give us a call. We are happy to assist you with any writing question you have, no matter how minor.