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2016-2017 Catalog Year

Program Admission Requirements

  • Submit an FGCU Undergraduate Admission Application and satisfy all applicable university admission requirements.
  • Complete common prerequisites with a grade of C or better.
  • Attend an orientation session.
  • Sign an Advising Agreement document.

Program Requirements

To prevent or minimize excess hours, select general education courses that satisfy common prerequisite requirements for your intended major.

  1. FGCU General Education Program (

  2. Common Prerequisites
    A minimum grade of C is required in each course

    FGCU Course: BSC 1010C Gen’l Biology w/Lab I (4)
    Acceptable Substitute: BSCX010C

    FGCU Course: BSC 1011 General Biology II (3) and BSC 1011L General Biology II Laboratory (1)
    Acceptable Substitute: BSCX011C

    FGCU Course: CHM 1045 General Chemistry I (3) and CHM 1045L General Chemistry I Lab (1)
    Acceptable Substitute: CHM045C

    FGCU Course: CHM 1046 General Chemistry II (3) and CHM 1046L General Chemistry II Lab (1)
    Acceptable Substitute: CHMX046C

    FGCU Course: CHM 2210 Organic Chemistry I (3) and CHM 2210L Organic Chemistry I Laboratory (1)
    Acceptable Substitute: CHMX210C

    FGCU Course: CHM 2211 Organic Chemistry II (3) and CHM 2211L Organic Chemistry II Laboratory (1)
    Acceptable Substitute: CHMX211C

    FGCU Course: MAC 2311 Calculus I (4)
    Acceptable Substitute: MACX311 or MACX233 or MACX253 or MACX281

    FGCU Course: PHY 2053C College Physics w/Lab I (4)
    Acceptable Substitute: PHYX053C or (PHYX048 and PHYX048L)

    FGCU Course: PHY 2054C College Physics w/Lab II (4)
    Acceptable Substitute: PHYX054C or (PHYX049 and PHYX049L)

    FGCU Course: STA 2023 Statistical Methods (3)
    Acceptable Substitute: STAX023 or STAX122 or STAX014 or STAX024 or STAX321

  3. Required Courses in the Major (30 credits)
    A minimum grade of C is required in each course.

    BCH 3023C Biochemistry (3)
    BSC 4422C Methods in Biotechnology (3)
    BSC 4942C Senior Res. Biotech. (2)
    BSC 4943 Sr. Proj. Pres. Biotech. (1)
    IDS 3300 Foundations of CivicEngagement (3)
    ISC 3120C Scientific Process (3)
    MCB 3020C General Microbiology (4)
    PCB 3023C Cell Biology (4)
    PCB 3063C Genetics (4)
    PCB 4522C Molecular Genetics (3)

  4. Restricted Electives in the Major (18 credits)
    A minimum grade of C is required in each course.

    Select 2 credits from the following:

    BSC 4905 Dir. Ind.Study/Res. Biotech. (1-3) or
    BSC 4941 Internship in Biotechnology (1-3)

    Select 16 credits from the following:

    ANS 3440 Animal Nutrition (3)
    BCH 3025C Analytical Biochemistry (3)
    BOT 3015C The Lives of Plants and Algae (3)
    BOT 4394C Plant Molecular Biology (3)
    BOT 4503C Plant Physiology (3)
    BSC 4905 Dir. Ind.Study/Res. Biotech. (1-3)
    BSC 4930 Special Topics in Biology (2-4)
    BSC 4941 Internship in Biotechnology (1-3)
    MAC 2312 Calculus II (4)
    MCB 3652C Environmental Microbiology (3)
    MCB 4223C Food Microbiology (3)
    MCB 4502C Virology (3)
    PCB 3703C Human Physiology (4)*
    PCB 3723C Comparative Animal Physiology (3)*
    PCB 4233C Immunology (3)
    PCB 4253C Developmental Biology (3)
    PCB 4454 Biological Statistics (3)
    PCB 4714 Comparative Immunology (3)
    ZOO 4513C Animal Behavior (3)
    ZOO 4753C Histology (3)

    *Credits from only one course, either PCB 3723C Comparative Animal Physiology or PCB 3703C Human Physiology will count towards the required hours of electives in Biotechnology.

  5. University Requirements (3 credits)
    IDS 3920 University Colloquium (3)

  6. Additional Electives - as needed to reach total credits required for the degree


Additional Graduation Requirements

  • A minimum of 120 credits.
  • A minimum of 48 of the 120 credits must be at the upper division (3000 - 4999) level.
  • A cumulative GPA of 2.0 for all coursework attempted at FGCU.
  • Satisfaction of the College-Level Skills and foreign language entrance requirements.
  • Satisfaction of the Service Learning requirement (See
  • Satisfaction of the residency requirement: thirty of the last sixty credits must be completed at FGCU.
  • Completion of the summer course enrollment requirement.
  • Submit an online Application for Graduation via Gulfline by the deadline listed in the FGCU Academic Calendar.

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Printed on: 4/25/2017.