Undergraduate Admissions

2016-2017 Catalog Year

First-Time-In-College Students


First-Time-In-College Students (FTIC), are defined as students who have earned a high school diploma or its equivalent and who have earned no more than eleven (11) semester hours of transferable credit after high school graduation.  Applicants must submit an application for admission, official transcripts from each post-secondary institution as appropriate, and official ACT or SAT test scores.

An FTIC student must be a graduate of a Florida public or regionally accredited high school, or its equivalent, and have completed 18 Carnegie units which are year-long courses and not remedial in nature.

At a minimum the following units must be completed: 4 units of English (at least three with substantial writing); 4 units of mathematics at the level of algebra I or higher (algebra A, B is equivalent to one unit of algebra I); 3 units of natural science (at least two with a laboratory); 3 units of social science (includes anthropology, history, civics, political science, economics, psychology, sociology, or geography); 2 units of the same foreign language (American Sign Language can substitute for a foreign language) (see section 4 regarding foreign language competency); and 2 academic electives.  Students who entered high school as a freshman prior to July 1, 2007, are required to complete 3 units of mathematics and 3 academic electives.  To determine weighted GPAs, one point will be added for credits earned in Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) courses and Dual Enrollment courses for grades of C or higher. One half unit will be added for honors courses, Pre-AICE and Pre-IB for grades of C or higher.  FGCU will utilize the student's weighted GPA as reported on the high school transcript and will recalculate GPAs if the transcript does not include a weighted GPA.

Academic and elective courses are listed in the Counseling for Future Education Handbook published by the Florida Department of Education. Initial application review is based on high school weighted grade point average in the academic units and performance on standardized admission tests. Acceptable tests include the SAT or the ACT. Students who graduate from high school in 2006 or later must submit the new SAT with the writing test or an ACT with the combined English and writing score.

Each FTIC student admitted to FGCU is expected to demonstrate competency of foreign language or American Sign Language equivalent to the second high school level or higher (Spanish 2 for example).  A limited number of students not meeting the high school foreign language requirement may be admitted; however, these students must fulfill the foreign language requirement prior to completion of the baccalaureate degree.

First-time-in-college students applying to FGCU may be considered for admission based on the following criteria.  Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission as factors such as number of qualified applicants and available space may be taken into consideration.

  • An FTIC student may be admitted if he/she has a 3.0 weighted grade point average (GPA) on a 4.00 scale paired with one of the standardized admission tests.  Subsections of each test must be above the minimum/remedial levels as determined by the Board of Governors and the State Board of Education, or
  • An FTIC student may be admitted if he/she has a high school weighted GPA of 2.5 - 2.99 on a 4.00 scale.  Course work from which a student has withdrawn with passing grades will not be included in the calculation. In addition to achieving the minimum GPA, a student must achieve the minimum scores for each SAT Reasoning Test or ACT section as outlined below:

1)  SAT: Critical Reading >= 460, or ACT: Reading >= 19,
2)  SAT: Mathematics >= 460, or ACT: Mathematics >= 19, and
3)  SAT: Writing >= 440, or ACT: English >= 17 and English/Writing >=18.

Meeting Minimum Requirements

A freshman applicant who meets the Minimum Freshman Eligibility Requirements as listed above is not guaranteed admission to the University, even though everything possible will be done to admit all qualified applicants who apply by specified application deadlines. However, if the number of qualified freshman applicants exceeds the number the University can enroll; admission will be on a selective basis.

Talented Twenty
Any student ranked in the top 20% of his or her Florida public high school and has passed all required academic units, may be admissible to FGCU and admitted on a space available basis.

Non-traditional program of study
Any applicant who completed a non-traditional high school program of study, which is not measured in Carnegie Units, such as home schooling, or a student who presents a General Equivalency Diploma (GED) instead of a standard high school diploma, may not qualify for admission based on the criteria listed above. Instead, the applicant must present a score of at least 1450 on the SAT (Critical Reading + Math+ Writing) or a 21 composite on the ACT plus writing. Sub-sections of each test must be above the minimum/remedial levels as described above.

Profile Assessment
A student applying for admission who does not meet these requirements may be eligible for admission through a student profile assessment, which considers additional factors, including, but not limited to, the following: a combination of test scores and GPA that indicate a potential for success, improvement in high school record, military service, family educational background, socioeconomic status, graduation from a low-performing high school, graduation from an international baccalaureate program, the length of time since high school graduation, creativity, character, and special talents. These additional factors shall not include preferences in the admissions process for applicants on the basis of race, national origin, or sex.  These students may be admitted if, in the judgment of the Admissions Committee, there is sufficient evidence that the student can be expected to succeed at the institution.

The number of FTIC students admitted each year through profile assessment shall not exceed 5% of the total number of admitted FTIC students. Students admitted though profile assessment shall be monitored and provided a learning plan to help ensure that their retention and graduation rates remain at or near the institution's average.  Each year a report will be provided to the FGCU Board of Trustees reviewing the success of these students.  Any FTIC student with a learning disability shall be eligible for reasonable substitution or modification of any requirement for admission pursuant to Board of Governors Regulation 6.018.