Equivalency Tables

2014-2015 Catalog Year

DSST Examination Program Table

Florida Statute does not require the ACC to establish minimum course and credit equivalents for the DSST Examination Program (formerly DANTES Subject Standardized Tests). However, pursuant to Florida State Board Rule 6A-10.024, transfer of credit must be accepted based on the following recommendations. Institutions must use the course number listed, unless it would be advantageous for the student to award a specific course number with equal credit that satisfies program prerequisites. The DSST exams, unlike Advanced Placement, are not built around curriculum, but rather are designed to test students' knowledge on a variety of college-level subjects, regardless of where they may have learned the material. Exams are developed by committees of college faculty. Norming forms of DSSTs are administered to college-level students who are completing courses for credit in various subjects. More information about DSSTs, including descriptions of test content and sample examination questions, is available at www.getcollegecredit.com/.


Exam FGCU Course Number
(3 credits per exam)
Passing Score / 2008 Revised Exams
A History of the Vietnam War AMH 1XXX 44
Art of the Western World ARH 2050 or ARH 2051 48
Astronomy AST 2002C 48
Business Ethics and Society GEB 1XXX 400
Business Law II BUL 3130 44
Business Mathematics QMB 1XXX 48 / 400
Criminal Justice CCJ 1020 49 / 400
Drug and Alcohol Abuse No course or credit recommendation  
Environment and Humanity EVR 1XXX 46
Ethics in America PHI 1XXX 46 / 400
Foundations of Education EDF 2005 46
Fundamentals of College Algebra MAT 1033 47 / 400
Fundamentals of Counseling GEE 1XXX 45
General Anthropology ANT 2000 47
Here's to Your Health HSC 2106 48 / 400
Human Resource Management MAN 3301 46
Human/Cultural Geography GEA 1XXX 48
Introduction to Business GEB 1011 46 / 400
Introduction to Computing CGS 1100 45 / 400
Introduction to Law Enforcement CJE 1000 45
Introduction to the Modern Middle East ASH 1XXX 47
Introduction to World Religions REL 2306 48
Life-Span Developmental Psychology DEP 2004 46
Management Information Systems ISM 1XXX 46 / 400
Money and Banking GEE 1XXX 48
Organizational Behavior INP 1XXX 48
Personal Finance FIN 2100 46 / 400
Physical Geology GLY 1000 46
Principles of Finance FIN X000 46 / 400
Principles of Financial Accounting ACG 1XXX 47
Principles of Physical Science I ISC 1XXX 47
Principles of Public Speaking SPC 2023 47
Principles of Statistics STA 1XXX 48 / 400
Principles of Supervision GEE 1XXX 46 / 400
Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union EUH 1XXX 45
Substance Abuse HSC 4150 49 / 400
Technical Writing ENC 1XXX 46
The Civil War and Reconstruction AMH 1XXX 47
Western Europe Since 1945 No course or credit recommendation 45