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Awards or Recognitions

Kristoph Kinzli, Ph.D., Environmental and Civil Engineering, "Frontiers of Engineering Education Faculty", National Academy of Engineering, October 25.

Book Publication

Tunde Szecsi, Ph.D., Hoot, J.L., F. Bakuza, M. Lavasani, R.Park, M. Sharifian, , College of Education, Teacher Education, "Globalization: International perspectives on early childhood teacher education. In L. Couse and S. Recchia (Eds.). Handbook of Early Childhood Teacher Education,", Routledge, New York, NY, pp. 348-363.

Professional Presentations

Charles Gunnels, Mary Crone-Romanovski, Hulya Julie Yazici, Rita Rubin, and Charles W. Gunnels, College of Arts and Sciences, Undergraduate Studies , "FGCUScholars: using undergraduate research as a tool to enhance student writing, critical thinking, and information literacy", FL Statewide Symposium: Eng. in Undergrad Research, University of Central Florida, Orlando, October 2-3.


Scott Johnson, MA, College of Arts and Sciences, Psychology, "• The Role of Pornography in Sexual Offenses: Information for Law Enforcement & Forensic Psychologists. ", International Journal of Emergency Mental Health & Human Resiliance, Monthly , pp. 239-242.

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