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Awards or Recognitions

Amy Bennett Williams, WGCU-FM, "Commentary - 2nd Place "A Not So Fond Remembrance of a Memorable Bird"", Public Radio News Directors Incorporated, June 21.

Professional Presentations

Trent R. Brown, Jeanie Darnell, Bower School of Music, D.M.A., "Bower School of Music Chamber Choir Recital", Salzburg Dom, Salzburg Dom, Salzburg, Austria, May 16.


Halcyon St. Hill, Hulya Julie Yazici, Ph.D., College of Health Professions Dean's Office , ED.D., M.S., MLS(ASCP) FASAHP, "Bridging Didactic, Interdisciplinary Service learning and Practice in Health Professions Education: Students’ Perspectives", Education + Learning, Monthly , pp. 447 - 466.

The FGCU Performance Newsletter is published by the Office of Community Relations and Marketing.