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Awards or Recognitions

Amy Bennett Williams, WGCU-FM, "Commentary - 2nd Place "A Not So Fond Remembrance of a Memorable Bird"", Public Radio News Directors Incorporated, June 21.

Professional Presentations

Barry Lipton, Gary Bell, DDS, Justice Studies , DDS, "NCIC Dental Coding for Missing and Unidentified Persons", FBI/CJIS, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Salt Lake City, June 7-8.


Halcyon St. Hill, Hulya Julie Yazici, Ph.D., College of Health Professions Dean's Office , ED.D., M.S., MLS(ASCP) FASAHP, "Bridging Didactic, Interdisciplinary Service learning and Practice in Health Professions Education: Students’ Perspectives", Education + Learning, Monthly , pp. 447 - 466.

The FGCU Performance Newsletter is published by the Office of Community Relations and Marketing.