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ARISE - Assault and Rape Information, Support and Education

ARISE Assault and Rape Information, Support and Education

Welcome to Assault and Rape Information, Support and Education (ARISE)

"Linking Eagles to Education and Survivor Resources"


  • Educate the campus community on the topic of sexual violence
  • Provide information and support for those directly affected by sexual violence
  • Advocate for policy and procedural changes

What is Sexual Assault?

  • Have you experienced unwanted sexual contact?
  • Were you scared to say no or resist?
  • If you said no, were you ignored?
  • Did someone have sex with you without your consent or where you unable to consent?
  • Were you forced to have sex through threats and physical restraint?

If you answered "Yes", you may have been sexually assaulted. Click "Where to Go for Help" in the left navigation bar.

ARISE printable materials:

arise flyer 3


Want a program for your student group about relationship violence, bystander intervention, or sexual assault?

Request a program online:

Our online list of programs includes categories like “Relationships, relationship violence, sexual   assault” and “Bystander Intervention”—review these to select your program, then fill out the appropriate online program request form to submit your request.