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Counseling and Psychological Services

Counseling and Psychological Services

Interpersonal Communication Group



Interpersonal Communication

As we transition from child to adult, from dependent to independent, we are faced with new challenges and opportunities to assert ourselves in different ways. Finding appropriate ways to communicate with parents, friends, and other important people in our lives can be difficult and we may lack the communication skills to effectively get our unique needs met. The Interpersonal Communication group is based on a model of personality and communication called Transactional Analysis. This group is designed to help people understand patterns of communication and learn new, more effective, ways to communicate with others.

Potential benefits of participating in the group include:

- Learning effective communication strategies for a variety of situations.

- Identifying ineffective patterns of communication in the context of close relationships.

- Having an opportunity to practice newly learned communication strategies in a low-risk environment.

- Improved relationships with parents and others achieved by implementing new communication strategies.

This group will be co-facilitated by Alex McCallister, M.A.  There will be 3 four-week groups that run during the semester. Please note: a brief meeting with Alex is required before participating in the group. Please contact CAPS for more information or to schedule a meeting.