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LGBT Support Group


Rainbow Eagles

**This group is not currently running due to lack of interest.  If you have a strong interest in this group, please let a CAPS staff member know and we will work to get the group going again.**

This group will explore the journey of being a sexual and/or gender minority in college.  We will discuss issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity, specifically; coming out, transitioning, connecting with family and friends, and creating relationships.  This confidential group is interactive and welcomes people who are in all stages of identity development. 

The group will run during the fall and spring semesters, and during summer if needed. Potential benefits of participating in this group include:

- Having a safe space to discuss LGBT-related concerns

- Connecting with others who are supportive of you and your experiences

- Learning about and/or sharing resources available locally in the LGBT community

- Hear about others’ experiences with coming out and gather ideas for your own journey