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Substance Abuse Group


Managing Substance Use

This group is not currently available. If you have an interest in this particular group, please let CAPS staff know you would like to see this group active again and we will try and accommodate your request.

Wonder if your drinking is normal? Interested in looking at the use, misuse, or abuse of alcohol or other drugs? Students in the Managing Substance Use support group will explore their own substance use and any related goals they may have.

Potential benefits of participating in this group include:

- Developing a deeper understanding of normal versus problematic substance use

- Identifying goals related to substance use and strategies to reach those goals

- Get ongoing support for efforts in addressing problematic substance use

- Learn about the impact of using substance on brain development and performance

Managing Substance Use is facilitated by Kelly Rubin, M.A., LMHC and is an open group that can be joined at any time.