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Eating Disorder Group


Eating and Body Image group

This group is not currently available. If you have an interest in this particular group, please let CAPS staff know you would like to see this group active again and we will try and accommodate your request.

Eating healthy and maintaining positive views of our internal and external selves are crucial aspects of both physical and mental health. This group is designed for anyone who struggles with eating or body image to learn ways of improving our relationship to our own bodies and discuss these aspects of our lives in a supportive and educative environment.

Potential benefits of participating in the group include:

- Connecting with and supporting other students who struggle with similar issues

- Learning how to develop a healthy image of yourself, both inside and out

- Gaining insight into the function of unhealthy eating patterns

- Developing new patterns of relating to food and other people

This group with be facilitated by Dr. Laura Wright, who has many years of experience helping students understand and address eating and body image issues. This group will be a mixture of interpersonal process and education around healthy and unhealthy patterns.