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Counseling Center Values and Diversity Statement

We respect the diversity of individuals in their cultures, languages, lifestyles, identities, ideologies, intellectual capacities, abilities, appearances, personalities, political affiliations and the many other ways people may identify.  We strive to create an atmosphere of openness, trust, respect, integrity, and safety where all attitudes, beliefs, values, and behaviors can be openly shared and explored. 

We believe in the potential of every human being to change and to continue learning throughout the lifespan. We respect the dignity, worth, uniqueness, and potential of every individual.  We believe that through our services, students can develop a healthy, balanced lifestyle characterized by maturity, independence, healthy coping skills, resilience, civility, and effective decision making.

We are committed to the continued development of awareness and appreciation for individual differences within our diverse university community.  We work to challenge biases within ourselves and others. We believe in actively pursuing and advocating for social justice to prevent and decrease discrimination, exclusion, and oppression in society. 

We value and affirm the role of CAPS as an agent of positive change in the university community, at the individual, group, and system level. We believe that counseling, health, and wellness services directly and positively impact student retention and academic success.