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Counseling and Psychological Services




Our goals for service to the FGCU community are realized through our commitment to building a shared community through relationship, interdependence, collaboration, respect for difference, boundaries, connectedness and empathy. We believe that building community is an ongoing, creative process built on openness, acceptance, active listening, assessment of needs and respect for all individuals and groups. Our community is best served by an educated population, who value these individual and community goals, experience self satisfaction in their personal lives, and make meaningful contributions to their families and society.

We believe that quality services provide a unique opportunity in the development of university students. This opportunity occurs through contact with individuals, small groups, organizations and classrooms. In order to provide such services, we believe in life-long learning based on personal reflection, continuing education, and the development of collegiality.

As counseling, health and education professionals we value the individual’s rights to self determination, and we understand the tenets of human behavior, developmental stages and individual differences. In addition we adhere to the following principles;

1. We respect the dignity, worth, uniqueness, and potential of every individual.

2. We are aware of, and consider, the social and social variables that impact the individuals we serve.

3. We are aware of the total human being, and work from an underlying wellness perspective.

4. As counselors we are especially aware of the psychological variables affecting the individuals, their thoughts, feelings and behaviors while acknowledging these variables affect one's ability to learn and perform.

5. We understand, and appropriately respond to, the developmental factors that affect an individual’s abilities and readiness.

6. As professionals, we integrate counseling, therapy, consulting assessment and instructional activities that place students at the center of the educational process.

7. We believe in a counseling health and educational service, in which once a problem has been identified, provides for immediate and accessible service.

8. We believe that it is necessary to be active listeners in our community and to continually assess the needs of the academic community.

9. We believe that counseling, health, and educational services directly and positively impact the retention and graduation for students.

10. We believe that these experiences enable students to find fulfillment and success, thus become caring alumni, who later share their personal and financial resources with their alma mater.

11. We believe that in order to develop and maintain quality services, we must constantly seek input and feedback from those students served, as well as others within the FGCU community.

12. We believe in the use of computer technology in achieving the goals of service delivery.