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Relationship Group


Relationship Group:

Family relationships, friendships, and romantic relationships can be confusing and challenging. The Relationship Group provides you an opportunity to meet with other students who are interested in talking about relationships and developing a better understanding of themselves and others. Learn steps you can take to enjoy healthier relationships in your life and communicate in more effective ways.

Benefits of participation in the group include, but are not limited to:

- Developing a better understanding of yourself and/or others

- Learning and practicing healthy communication strategies

- Learning how to ask for what you need in relationships in an assertive manner

- Learning how to listen to and understand significant others more thoroughly

- Connecting with others who have similar experiences to your own

The Relationship Group is a closed process group that is currently facilitated by Dr. Michael Ghali and accommodates between 5 and 10 students. The group meets every Monday from 3:00 - 4:30pm during the Fall and Spring semesters. This group requires that you attend a brief (15 min.) screening appointment with Dr. Ghali in order to sign up for the group, so stop by CAPS to schedule a group screening appointment at the start of the semester, or, if the Group has already begun, request to be put on the list to be contacted before the next semester's Group begins. The Group usually begins by about the 4th week of the semester.