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CAS Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (CAS-UCC)


Programs to be reviewed at the next meeting

Program Documents for review  Latest revision Received Date Reviewed On
Liberal Studies Liberal Studies (new program) 11/5/13 11/5/13 11/8/13
Journalism Journalism Catalog Copy 11/1/13 11/1/13 11/8/13
  Journalism Curric Map 11/1/13 11/1/13 11/8/13
Sociology Sociology Program Revision   11/4/13 11/4/13   11/8/13

Proposed Meetings

August Friday 30 11:00-12:00
 September Friday 6
  Friday 13
  Friday 20
  Friday 27
October Friday 4
  Friday 11
  Friday 18
  Friday 25

Note: All the meetings are held at AB7-402.

Programs to be reviewed in the Future

Program  Proposed Review Date Received Date

Programs Reviewed

Program Documents Reviewed  Decision Rep
Anthropology   Anthropology  Approved  Elgart 

Anthropology Curric Map

Approved  Elgart 
Art  Digital Media Design Minor  Approved Salmond 

Digital Media Design Minor Cat Copy

Approved Salmond 


Biology BA

Approved Cruz-Alvarez

Biology BA Catalog Copy

Approved Cruz-Alvarez 

Bio BA Curric Map  

Approved Cruz-Alvarez 

Bio-Accelerated BS

Approved Cruz-Alvarez 

Bio-Accelerated Cat Copy 

Approved Cruz-Alvarez 

Bio-Accelerated Curric Map  

Approved Cruz-Alvarez 

Biology BS

Approved Cruz-Alvarez 

Biology BS Catalog Copy

Approved Cruz-Alvarez 

Bio BS Micro Curric Map 

Approved Cruz-Alvarez 

Bio BS Organic Curric Map  

Approved Cruz-Alvarez 

Bio BS Pre-Pro Curric Map  

Approved Cruz-Alvarez 


Approved Cruz-Alvarez 

Biotechnology Catalog Copy

Approved Cruz-Alvarez 

Biotechnology Curric Map 

Approved Cruz-Alvarez 

Bio Minor Revision 

Approved Cruz-Alvarez 

Bio Minor Cat Copy 

Approved Cruz-Alvarez 
Chemistry Biochemistry (new program) Approved Reilly 
Chemistry BA Proposal Approved Reilly 
Chemistry BA Cat Copy Approved  Reilly 
Chemistry BA Curric Map Approved Reilly 
Chemistry BA Prereqs Approved  Reilly 
Chemistry BA Sequence Approved  Reilly 
Chemistry Minor Proposal Approved Reilly 
Chemistry Minor Cat Copy Approved Reilly 
Chemistry Minor Curric Map Approved  Reilly 

Chemistry Minor Prereqs

Approved  Reilly 
Communication  Communication Approved Huff 

Communication Cat Copy

Approved Huff 

Communication Curric Map

Approved  Huff 
Film Studies Minor Approved Huff 
English      Critical Theory Minor Approved Romanovski 
English Approved Romanovski 
English Curric Map Approved  Romanovski 
English Cat Copy Approved  Romanovski 
World Lit Minor   Approved Romanovski
Foreign Lang German Minor Approved Stefaniuk 

German Minor Map

Approved Stefaniuk 
Spanish Minor Approved Romanovski
Forensic Studies No documents reviewed    
History History  Approved   


Approved No Rep 

Journalism Curric Map

Approved No Rep 
MAES Earth & Space Science Minor Approved No Rep
Marine Science Marine Science BS Approved No Rep
Math  Mathematics  Approved No Rep 
Music Music Perf BA Approved  Patrick
Music Perf BA Cat Copy Approved  Patrick 

Approved  Patrick 
Physics  No documents reviewed     
Poli Sci Political Science Approved Coughlin 
Political Science Cat Copy Approved Coughlin 

Political Sci Curric Map

Approved Coughlin 
Psychology  Psychology BA Approved  Kimbler
Psychology Minor Approved  Kimbler
Psychology Curric Map Approved  Kimbler
Psychology Cat Copy  Approved  Kimbler

Global Studies Minor

To be revisited   
 Global Studies Cat Copy To be revisited   

Global Studies Curric Map

To be revisited   
Theatre No documents reviewed    

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