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English (M.A.)

English (M.A.)



Our M.A. Program in English is tailored for those seeking to join a community of discerning readers, accomplished writers, and critically informed scholars.  We invite applicants eager to devote themselves to this rewarding endeavor.

Specifically, our program offers you:

  • Evening and Summer Classes
  • Attentive Mentoring
  • Enthusiastic, Accessible, and Professionally Active Professors
  • Innovative and Challenging Instruction
  • Small Class Size
  • Professional Development Opportunities

Our small program allows for genuine mentorship and collaborative work between faculty and students. Students can expect small classes, a supportive and nationally prominent faculty, and opportunities to present research at local and regional conferences. Our assistantships, which may include stipends and tuition waivers, incorporate mentored experiences in tutoring in our Writing Center and teaching composition classes.

The curriculum stands on a strong foundation in literary studies, but also is flexible to meet the needs of students who are pursuing highly individualized goals:

  • For beginning or advancing their teaching careers at the elementary, secondary, and community college levels;
  • For continuing their studies in Ph.D. programs;
  • For planning careers in various professional fields in business, non-profit organizations, and government.