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Southwest Florida Center for Public & Social Policy


The Southwest Florida Center for Public and Social Policy The center was established in 2002 to provide an important educational and practical support service to governmental entities, special districts, and non-profit organizations throughout Southwest Florida.

Public service providers face critical challenges in today’s economic and community conscious environment. Citizens and stakeholders expectations continue to rise, while sources of public funding continue to dwindle. Today’s local, county and state public managers and supervisors must do more with less revenue, even though the demands for governmental services continue to rise. Often a government official feels as if they are required to do the impossible with unfunded mandates and budget cuts.

The Center for Public and Social Policy at Florida Gulf Coast University can provide the expertise, educational training, and proven work experience that can help you and your organization meet the challenges of today. Our multidisciplinary faculty has extensive on hands work experience along with the academic training in all levels of government and non-profit organizations to solve problems and implement solutions that will help your organization function as required. What this means to local government is that the center can quickly bring proven methods to bear on the thorniest problems of public service.

All public service functions from law enforcement, to public health, to emergency service, to transportation infrastructure can be addressed by the experienced and uniquely qualified staff of the Southwest Florida Center for Public and Social Policy. The Center acts as a focal point for the considerable resources of the University. As part of a public university, the Center can provide access to a broad array of capabilities at an affordable cost, and at a high level of quality.

It is important to stress that our extensive academic knowledge is only strengthened by our faculty’s actual work experience in the real world of government, management, and community planning. It is this actual on hand experience from the front-line conditions, which you face every day that makes our Center the perfect solution to the seemingly impossible challenges of today’s government environment.

Let us help you and your staff build a better community by taking advantage of the expertise and services offered by the Center. In addition, our management and supervisory training seminars are an excellent way to keep your organization up-to-date on the challenges that face our state and communities.