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Theatre (B.A.)


The BA in Theatre at Florida Gulf Coast University offers a dynamic balance of theory and application with a healthful dose of real world training in the whole craft of theatre: performance, technology, theory, and criticism. Our emphasis is on applied theatre of social engagement and a theatre of the future. Our curriculum reflects the mission and guiding principles of the university: civic engagement, diversity, innovation, and collaborative learning. Students choosing this course of study will graduate better equipped to function in the volatile world of live art and multimedia, will have the skills necessary to produce theatre, and will have the theory to know why. As the arts of theatre continually adapt to new cultural realities, our program is poised to train the new theatre student to be analytical of culture, thoughtful in creative response, and supple in negotiating the ever-changing modes of presentation. Curriculum in traditional craft, applied theatre, and original transmedia works, prepare our students for careers in creative industries, arts, media, education, healthcare, therapy, political arena, community development, social services, museums, tourism industries, and business.
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