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Executive Programs

The Director of Executive Programs is Dr. Stephen Drew, Professor of Business Strategy in the Lutgert College of Business.

Executive Programs at the Lutgert College of Business include
  • Executive Education Programs With our International Partner Institutions
    The Lutgert College of Business has developed the "Second Circle" International Model. This program involves using a College initiated international educational partnership approach to reach out and involve an interface with the business network in the partner country. This successful concept has resulted in partnerships with the schools listed below. The basic notion is to use LCOB international academic activity to connect to a circle of business and cultural environments beyond the university in both countries.

  • Summer 2011 Graduate Business Programs
    • July 11 - 22: Special Topics in Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability
    • July 18 - 29: Special topics in International Crisis Leadership, Decision-Making and Risk Management
    View / download the brochure for more information

  • The Executive MBA Program
    The FGCU Executive MBA Program is designed for mid- and senior-level executives. The program offers seasoned executives and professionals the opportunity to significantly increase their personal and organizational effectiveness.

  • The Institute of Chinese Studies
    The Institute of Chinese Studies (ICS) serves as the coordinating center of the academic program development, faculty exchange and student exchange with Nankai University, our partner university in China. The ICS also develops and presents executive development and exchanges with universities and business leaders in China and the United States.
    Visit the ICS website.

  • The Institute for Responsible Corporate Governance
    The Institute for Responsible Corporate Governance (IRCG) has as its purpose the delivery of rsearch and educational programs in corporate governance geared towards educating those who will provide governance oversight to the next generation of leading corporations and not-for-profit organizations, thereby aiding in the process of responsibly restoring investor and citizen confidence. The Institute is directed by Dr. Darlene Andert.
    Visit the IRCG Website


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