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 Chinese Student at FGCU

Ellenís US Diary

This photo diary describes the experiences of Xing Yixuan at FGCU. Ellen, as she is known to her friends, is at FGCU beginning with the Fall Semester 2008, pursuing a Master's degree in Accounting.

Nov. 6th, 2008   Guest from Yantai and Volunteer in Howard Lecture
This week is a busy week for me, and today is the busiest day. Vice President of Yantai University Han Xiaoling and Sarah Zhao come visiting FGCU to sign a Letter of Intent to Establish a Confucius Institute today. How exciting it that! I went a tour with them on FGCU campus before my class, and had lunch with them together. Han Xiaoling said she is really proud of what I accomplished here based on what she heard from professors and faculties in FGCU, which is Really encouraging for me. I know it's impossible for me to do all the things I did without lots of peoples help here. I am really thankful for all of them from bottom of my heart.

After work, I went to volunteer in W. Thomas Howard Lecture Series which gives to the community once a year by FGCU college of business. The topic this year is "Leadership & Values" given by CEO of BB&T corporation John Allison. All the audience are successful leaders in this community. John Allison talked about the BB&T philosophy, which is also ten key principles for a happy life. I really agree with him that the final goal of our lives is to be happy, and we need to be honest, self-esteem and teamwork to achieve this goal. We should always be willing to share.

Nov. 5th, 2008   Interview
I was very excited when one firm called me on Monday, which I met on "Meet the Firm" event. They scheduled an interview for me today. I didn't bring many formal dress from China, and I know I suppose to wear suit to go to interview. My friend and me did a quick shopping for this new suit in 25 minutes, which is very efficiency for me. :) I enjoyed this interview. It feels like talking with a friend. No matter whether I can get this internship, it's a good interview experience for me.

Nov. 4th, 2008   Election Day
Today is the election day. I am lucky to be here to experience this event. These are shuttles on campus sending students go to vote today. I am surprised so many people involved so much for this election. Of course you can see the news, advertisements about election all over, and people around me talk about it a lot too. Election is always the popular topic recently, no matter who I am hanging out with.

I heard many people were not interested in politics at all, but I guess almost all the citizens care about who would be their president for next four years. The president campaign this year focus on the economic problem we are suffering right now. There is no doubt that this economic problem effects all the countries around the world. Many friends in China ask me how this problem effects me since I am in US right now. I told them it didn't effect me that much, but I still could feel the pressure around me. I do hope the new president can make big efforts to change this situation. We'll see.

Nov. 2nd, 2008   Baby Birthday Party
Mei brought me to attend a baby birthday party today. It's a nice party held in community club house. The father is from Taiwan, and the mother is from Vietnam. They offered Chinese and Vietnamese food, and a really cute birthday cake. We usually eat noodles and peach besides cake on birthday for wishing be healthy, but this kind of peach is new for me too.

Oct. 31th, 2008   Halloween
Elaine, director of International Service Office, invited me to go to her house having Halloween together. We made pumpkin pie together, and each of us cooked one dish for dinner. It's a wonderful dinner and a enjoyable night. We shared lots of our experience and interests. The best part is the "trick or treat!". We had lots of children came by tonight, and all of them are so cute! This boy is the cutest. He pointed to pumpkin I made and kept saying: "That pumpkin really freaks me out! I felt like he's been watching me the whole time." Hehe, I guess I did a good job on that.

Oct. 29th, 2008   Challenging Exam
Tomorrow is my second Tax class exam, which is a challenging exam for me. I usually get really good grades on all my accounting exams, but it's my first tax class, and it is not as easy as accounting classes for me~~ It's complex, and very different with tax in China. Here I am-study hard!

Oct. 27th, 2008   Board for Eagle Expo
I decorated the board of college of business for Eagle Expo today. Although it's nothing really big, I feel good for doing something to help prospective students know more about my college. It's a nice college having great professors and faculties. Go! Eagles!

Oct.24th, 2008   Meet the Firms
Time went so fast, even before I notice. Halloween is coming. The last Halloween I had here seems is just yesterday. The international club of FGCU has a celebrating meeting for Halloween today. I went by there shortly, because I planed to attend "Meet the Firms" activities for accounting major students tonight. When I arrived Lutgert Hall, there are already many people there. Although I am only doing my first semester for my program now, it's nice to have the chance talking with local firms and let them know me. It's my first time trying to dress formally to go to school. I think it turns out good.

Oct 18th, 2008   Asia Fest
I decided to volunteer for Asia Fest which held once a year here to helping people here know more about Asian culture. I am happy to see many people interested in it, and come joining this event. You can watch great performance, see different products and works of art, and even taste a varity of food from different countries in Asia. It's a wonderful way to know more about the other part of the world for the residents here.

Oct 14th, 2008    Fall Break
It's fall break today, which is really nice to give us a chance to have fun besides busy studying. Several friends I know in international club or in class got together last weekend. We went to dinner and watched a movie. It's interesting to communicating and sharing experiences with people having very different culture and background. I always can learn more about another countries or working field through different people. I love this kind of communication.

Oct. 9th, 2008
I worked today and asked my co-worker to take some pictures for me in my new office. See, it's my lovely office. O.. My first personal office in my life too. I helped advisors did some research on line today. I learned some other exchange programs with other countries too. I hope more students here can join these exchange programs. We can benefit so much from study abroad experience.

Oct. 6th, 2008
I went to see a movie today with my friend Jenna, who I haven't seen for a while. Jenna interested in Asia so much that she always know news about Asia even before me. She told me news about some Chinese movie starts today. It's funny to hear it from an American friend. We always can have fun even in ordinary things we do together. We got so excited after the movie. Here is a picture: Yixuan in Jenna's jacket! Ha..

Oct. 5th, 2008     Glenn & Mei
I spent this weekend with Glenn and Mei. Mei is the president of Southwest Florida Chinese Association last year. She gives us students tremendous help. She brought Chinese students to her home and took us to interest places on weekends. Moreover, Mei told us a lot of culture tips and advices benefit my whole life. Glenn is Mei's husband, and he is a really thoughtful and smart man. They provide me a home feeling at their house. I do consider them as my family here.

Oct. 2nd, 2008     So famous!
I never thought I could be so famous! I just found our picutre took in International Receiption on the Eagle Newspaper, which just came out. That is a nice picutre. The brochures of housing with me on are around since last year when I worked as a conference assistant, and first Chinese exchange students group picutre used to be on FGCU website home page too. I had my first interview in my whole life with WGCU last year. Hehe..Never thought I could be so "famous" before! Do you want my autograph? I0I Just kidding.

Sep. 28th, 2008      Canoe
Today the Chinese professor Guo Dahai and his wife Ni Jiaying brought Ying, me and their another friend to canoe together. It's my second time to canoe. We had a lot of fun! It's not too hot today, and is a perfect day for outdoor activities. For dinner, Jiaying prepared the best beefsteak I have ever had and cheesecake. It's a great day! I am lucky to have these friends here.

Sep. 26th, 2008
We had International Receiption in Students Union today. President of FGCU came for this event too. We have the chance to introduce ourselves to all and eat the food from all over the world. I met many international student friends, and share experience with them. It's SO fun! It's really GREAT! Studying abroad is a wonderful experience nothing can replace ever in our lives. "World Became Flat", everyone in the world are connecting together. All of us benefit so much and love our study abroad experience.

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Sep. 21st, 2008
I really like my assistant job in Business School Advising Room. The advisers are very nice and helpful. It's so lucky for me to work with them. Last week I brought some Chinese dumplings to my office, and they all like them very much. Although I began to cook after arriving US, I guess my cooking is not too bad.

Another good news for last week is I got the highest grade in my Cost Accounting class. : I only missed one question in the whole exam. I am very excited!

I went shopping with Jiaying, and had dinner with her and her husband Dahai together on Saturday. Dahai is a Chinese professor in FGCU, and Jiaying is a teacher teaching Chinese. They are very nice and helpful. On Sunday, I went to Mei's home, who is the former president of Southwest Florida Chinese Association. She is one of the most wonderful people I have seen. She always gave me great advice and makes me feel at home in her house. Yes, it's a busy and rich weekend. These friends are great. That's them makes here like home for me!

Sep. 15th, 2008
Yesterday is Mid-autumn Day, which is a traditional Chinese festival we celebrate. Southwest Florida Chinese Association (SWFCA) hold a picnic on Saturday. Every families came to picnic brought some food and shared together. I had great time to meet all the people there, some of whom I haven't seen for a while and missed them very much.

After picnic, the winners of lotto gave programmes. I got the chance to see Dan's dance, which is very impressive. o(∩_∩)o . . . All the Chinese studetens sang together too. Mid-autumn Day is family reunited day for all Chinese people. It's easy to get homesick on that day. Thank for the great event, I don't feel too far from home now.

Sep. 12th, 2008
I watched 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Closing Ceremony in US. It's the first time I heard so many Chinese on the TV in my dorm here.
Hehe . . o(∩_∩)o . . . When commentator were saying "China is the greatest host country. This moment is remembered for Beijing forever. They did so much to make sure we have good experience here, and we surely did." , I am So proud. I saw so many cheerful people and volunteers in Beijing, and it is so impressive people all over the world can get on so well with each other and cheer for each other. I wish we can be like that forever.

My new roomates are all very nice and helpful. Two of them are twin sisters. They are So cute. Although I still have hard time to decide who is who, It is so enjoyable to live with them.

I had so much fun to reunite with my friends here. They are excited about my coming back just like me. Some of them already began their master or doctor degree program, and others began to work now. I am so comforable with them just like I had never left. We even played karaoka together altogether too, which I love very much. I play karaoka a lot in China, but it's my first time to do it here and do it in English. :) I love my friends. Friendship can be well built, no matter what nationality we are.

Sep. 8th, 2008
I went to Coconut Mall today with my friend Jenna. Coconut Mall is my favorite mall in Fort Myers. It's so pretty! I had good time there and we went to the new Asian restaurant together. It's funny that when I went to restroom there, I found they put Chinese characters for male and female on the door, but they put Chinese character meaning "husband" on the door for male. I guess all the male there must be a husband to use the restroom. I0I

Sep. 7th, 2008
It's hard to believe I already began my classes for two weeks. I was so happy and excited to come back FGCU for graduate school. As I always say, FGCU is like my second home. I had so much fun here and learned a lot both in class and in everyday life. When I was in China, I really enjoyed to go back home, to get together with my parents and see my friends in China. At the same time, I missed my life in FGCU.

I was always busy and had full schedual to study, work, and have fun with friends. There are new knowledge, new experience in every single day. Although sometimes I tired, I am so excited and happy to have this kind of rich life. I had really good grade and had fun. It even gave me more confidence than I have in China. I am REALLY excited to come back.

I got my visa, prepared the luggage, left my hometown and I am here again. : I think the only regret I have is I can't go on watch Olympic Games in China before I left. Beijing, and the whole country are so exciting. We are so excited to show world the modern China.

FGCU is getting bigger and bigger really fast. The new Business College Building and new dorm put into use already.

The new Business College Building is very nice. All the business students are having classes in this building and we even have a mini stock market room and small business operation room there. I am working in this building as graduate assistant as well. The most exciting thing is I have my own office here. I love it!


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