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General Information

China Orientation Handbook: (108 pages) pdf
Developed by the Institute; a Guide To Traveling, Living, Working and Studying In China for Faculty & Students
(The handbook will open in a new window and may be saved or printed.)

Program Initiatives currently existing or under development include the following:

A. Existing Programs:

  1. Tuition Exchange Program
    FGCU has a special undergraduate tuition exchange program with both Nankai University and Yantai University. Under our current arrangement, up to five students from both FGCU and our partners may attend the partner school for up to two semesters while paying their home university tuition. Visiting students would be responsible for such things as room, board, books and fees (i.e. health fees, etc.) at the partner school. Although desired, an equal exchange of students is not required for this program.

B. Under Development:

  1. Undergraduate 2+2 (transfer student) Program
    FGCU is working towards offering its Chinese partner university undergraduate students with an opportunity to earn undergraduate (bachelors) degrees from both FGCU and their home universities. Degree programs are now being developed for all colleges and disciplines.

  2. Internet Masters Programs
    FGCU is also exploring the possibility of developing Internet Masters Programs with its Chinese partner universities that would enable partner university students to earn Internet based Masterís Degrees from FGCU.

  3. Visiting Student Summer Program
    To enhance the partnership, FGCU and its partner universities are exploring the development of a limited duration visiting student summer program. Costs would be determined on a program by program basis, considering academic credit, length of stay, and structured activities.

  4. Executive Development Programs
    FGCU's College of Business is exploring the development of a series of Executive Development Certificate Programs to be delivered in collaboration with its Chinese partners. These programs would be managed by the FGCU College of Business Center for Leadership & Innovation. The primary audience would be either Chinese or American executives who would benefit from knowledge about how to do business in the other's country. Such executive development programs would be modeled after the special international executive programs FGCU now provides for industry leaders from Germany and Western Europe. It is presumed that similar programs could be developed for either Chinese or American executives and offered in either Florida or China, using a combination of Chinese and FGCU faculty.

  5. Business Network Opportunities
    As part of the FGCU "Second Circle" international program, both university partners would encourage the development of contact between external business and cultural organizations in both countries. These contacts could include visits by both university and external constituents to both partner locations. This particular aspect of the "Second Circle" international program between the two universities could conceivably also serve to facilitate visa opportunities for the business and cultural communities in both countries.

  6. Other Potential
    As part of student and faculty support in the partnership, the parties will explore ways to cooperate in sharing library materials such as books and journals. Also, the universities will explore opportunities for faculty exchanges, advanced education and collaborative research.

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Yantai University

University website

FGCU Students at Yantai

Spring 2009: Jenna Mleczkowski
Marketing Major
Lutgert College of Business
Jenna's China Diary

Fall 2007: Maria Camila Lopez
Junior Finance Major
Lutgert College of Business
Maria's China Diary

Yantai Students at FGCU

Fall 2008: Xing Yixuan (Ellen)
Ellen earned her undergraduate degree at Yantai
and is now pursuing a Master's degree at FGCU.
Ellen's USA Diary

Spring / Summer 2007: Song Xiaying (Viny)
Yantai University
Viny's USA Diary

Nankai University

University website

Contemporary Chinese Art Exhibition at FGCU, in partnership with Nankai University

FGCU Students at Nankai

Nankai Students at FGCU

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