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The Institute for Emerging Market Studies is a new venture of the Lutgert College of Business at Florida Gulf Coast University. While a primary focus remains with China, the interests of the IEMS now include India, Brazil, Russia, Africa and other emerging markets.

Sponsored Activities:

  • Networking events
  • Research and conferences
  • Executive education
  • Publication of cases and working papers
  • Consulting services
  • Study trips
  • Academic partnerships around the world

Plans for 2014-2017:

  • A series of regular networking events that will feature panels and keynote speakers
  • Opportunities for visiting scholars to collaborate in research
  • Courses on doing business in Emerging Markets (online and on-campus)
  • Arrangement of study trips for local entrepreneurs, community members and students
  • Development of further partnerships with business schools in China, India, Brazil, Russia and other emerging markets.

Research Areas of Interest:

  • Innovative industries of strategic importance:
    - New energy sources and clean-tech
    - Biotechnology
    - High technology and telecommunications
  • Industries in process of restructuring, change and growth:
    - Retail and fast moving consumer goods
    - Financial services and real estate
    - Manufacturing and transportation
  • Corporate social responsibility, ethics and sustainability in Emerging market multinationals
  • Leadership development in selected Emerging markets
  • Marketing to Emerging market business partners and consumers
  • E-commerce in Emerging markets
  • Market entry strategies to Emerging markets
    - exporting and importing strategies
    - contractual entry modes and strategic alliances
    - mergers and acquisitions
    - international joint ventures, greenfield ventures
  • Institutional environment in Emerging markets
  • Strategies for US firms to exploit entrepreneurial opportunities in Emerging markets

Contact Us

The IEMS invites interested faculty, graduate students, business, and community partners to submit proposals for collaboration in any of the activities and research areas mentioned above.

E-mail the IEMS Leadership Team


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