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Institute for Entrepreneurship

Institute for Entrepreneurship


Any current FGCU student can apply now to the Runway Program, FGCU’s FREE student startup incubator.

Submit your application online at no later than APRIL 14th.

ANY MAJOR IS ACCEPTED! Take the exclusive opportunity to develop your own business ideas while still earning your degree! There is no restriction on the type of idea or business plan. The Runway Program is designed specifically as an interdisciplinary program for students to learn how to write a business plan in the Lean Startup Method. You can utilize the tools, resources, and expertise from community mentors to be successful.

W. Thomas Howard Lecture Series

October 27th, 2016

Dr. Sandra Kauanui, Director for the Institute for Entrepreneurship, met with Steve Forbes, CEO of Forbes, on Thursday as part of the W. Thomas Howard Lecture Series hosted by Florida Gulf Coast University.







The Institute for Entrepreneurship at Florida Gulf Coast University is an advocate for student entrepreneurship and innovation.

The Institute provides students with genuine support and a strong foundation of knowledge from which to pursue entrepreneurial aspirations. This is accomplished through the combined efforts of FGCU faculty, student graduates, and a variety of community partners in Southwest Florida. We strive to create camaraderie between these groups, and emphasize the need for an entrepreneurial spirit between FGCU and its constituents. 

Small, entrepreneurial businesses are the backbone of Florida's economy. Accordingly, we believe it is crucial to impart the following skills to future generations of entrepreneurs: how to identify and evaluate a business opportunity, write a winning business plan to successfully exploit an opportunity, indentify and aquire resources (including financing), and build a new venture into an enduring company.



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