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EaglePlan - Student Business Plan Award and Best Innovative Design Project
updated for Academic Year 2010 -2011

Our thanks to Deangelis Diamond Construction, Inc. for sponsoring this year's Eagle Plan Awards. Click on the logo below to visit their website.

The Competition | Intellectual Property Rights | Judging

This year we will give Awards for

  • Business Plan (Requires Presentation and Written Analysis)
  • Innovative Design Program (Requires only a Presentation)

    EaglePlan is an annual business plan competition that encourages all FGCU students, regardless of degree program, to develop innovative, viable organizations. To help students achieve this goal, the College of Business offers an Entrepreneurship Concentration within its Management Program of study.

    The Competition

    The business plan competition consists of:
    1. All students to present their business ideas before a panel of judges from the business community and FGCU.
    2. The innovative design projects will be evaluated on the basis of a clear, well defined needs statement including identification of the primary customer, proof of innovation and marketability, preliminary financial analysis to include major costs, an overhead and potential price structure, and a plan to move the concept into a marketable design.

    The winner(s) will receive a cash prize and a certificate.

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    Intellectual Property Rights

    FGCU students who develop new technologies and/or new ventures while enrolled at the University can be assured that the University does not have a claim on the intellectual property of the student's technology or venture, unless one of the following applies:

    • The student has been, or is being, compensated by FGCU, a faculty member, or a researcher in relation to that technology or venture.
    • The student is assisting a faculty member or other University researcher with a University technology or venture.
    • The student has worked under a research grant or other research sponsorship.
    • The student has agreed otherwise.

    Students are encouraged to seek the advice of faculty members and other resources at the University with the assurance that such action, in itself, will not result in an intellectual property claim on their work by the University.

    The Institute for Entrepreneurship will photocopy the business plan of each individual/team named as a finalist. Business plans will not be copied for any purpose other than the competition. Moreover, as an activity of the University, commercial gain from any business plan provided to the university is specifically restricted for the competition.

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    Our volunteer judges have honorable relationships with FGCU, and recognize the sensitivity of the business plans being presented. EaglePlan will announce the names and association of every judge who will participate in the competition, before the judge sees any plan, to prevent a possible conflict of interest. If a participant does not want certain firms or individuals to judge his or her business plan because the judge may have invested in potential competitors, the participant will be instructed to notify an EaglePlan representative and the request will be honored.

    Contact information for the judges will not be given, and judges cannot be enlisted for advice. Moreover, the contestants will not be revealed to the judges to ensure there is no bias. Judges for one phase of the competition will be prohibited from judging another phase. Different judges promote different perspectives, which is essential in guarding against any conflict of interest that could emerge after previous round relationships.

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