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Maintenance of Accreditation
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Maintenance of Accreditation

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Assurance of Learning
The Lutgert College of Business' mission puts student learning at the forefront. Assurance of learning (AoL) is the process the College pursues to continually improve student learning. Because of its importance, a separate Assurance of Learning website has been developed.
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Annual Reports
Two types of annual reports are relevant to the Maintenance of Accredition process.

  1. Reports to AACSB
    These describe the College's goals and progress toward meeting those goals.

  2. Internal FGCU Reports
    These are submitted the the University's Office of Planning and Institutional Performance. Likewise, they are descriptive of goals and progress.

The Business School Questionnaire

AACSB, through its Knowledge Services Organization, conducts periodic surveys of member schools. One of these, the Business School Questionnaire, is important to AACSB and its members as evidenced in this statement:

The AACSB Business School Questionnaire (BSQ) is used to collect data to provide member business schools with a variety of services, including benchmarking data for improvement, industry trend information, and promotion to interested stakeholders . . . Accredited member participation is required to support the maintenance of accreditation process.
- AACSB Knowledge Services website (emphasis added)

Accordingly, beginning with Academic year 2003/04 (the first full year of the College's Accredited Member status), submittal of the BSQ is required. The surveys will be archived here because of their importance to the Maintenance of Accreditation process.

The content of the surveys linked below is exactly as submitted; however, navigation capability has been added to some files. Note that the files are of different formats, due to changes made by AACSB. Each file will open in a new browser window.

Other Documents

  • College of Business Program Review Document, submitted June 2003: This is a report furnished to the University in fulfillment of a Florida State mandate. It is not an accreditation document per se, but serves as a description and analysis of the College's programs. For that reason, it is linked here.

  • Update Report to AACSB, January 2006: At the time accreditation was granted in April 2003, AACSB requested an update on specific subjects, to be furnished by January 15, 2006. The document linked here was submitted in compliance with the request.

    AACSB Acceptance of the Update Report: In this letter, dated January 12, 2007, AACSB accepted the Update Report using very positive language: ". . . you are to be commended on your significant accomplishments in the three-year period since your last review. Congratulations on the continuous improvement environment you have created."

ETS Results Snapshot (March 2012): The College has been using a Major Field Test in Business, supplied by Educational Testing Service (ETS) to assess learning objectives. This document summarizes the test scores for the period 2009 - 2011.


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