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The Business School Questionnaire

AACSB, through its Knowledge Services Organization, conducts periodic surveys of member schools. One of these, the Business School Questionnaire, is important to AACSB and its members as evidenced in this statement:

The AACSB Business School Questionnaire (BSQ) is used to collect data to provide member business schools with a variety of services, including benchmarking data for improvement, industry trend information, and promotion to interested stakeholders . . . Accredited member participation is required to support the maintenance of accreditation process.
- AACSB Knowledge Services website (emphasis added)

Accordingly, beginning with Academic year 2003/04 (the first full year of the College's Accredited Member status), submittal of the BSQ is required.

The content of the surveys linked below is exactly as submitted. Each file will open in a new browser window.


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