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 The "Second Circle" International Model

Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) Lutgert College of Business (LCOB) has developed the "Second Circle" International Model. This program involves using a College initiated international educational partnership approach to reach out and involve an interface with the business network in the partner country. This successful concept has resulted in partnerships with the schools listed below. The basic notion is to use LCOB international academic activity to connect to a circle of business and cultural environments beyond the university in both countries.

Link to Program Presentation

Only students from these designated partner schools may apply to participate in the International Exchange program. Interested students should first contact the international exchange office (sometimes called "Outgoing Students Office") at their home institution to determine if they are eligible to participate in this program.

Exchange programs to the institutions listed below are managed by the Lutgert College of Business. FGCU students wishing to participate in one of the exchanges will find eligibility and application instructions in the first link below. The second link is to a descriptive brochure.


Most of these programs are available only to Business students, a few are open to all qualified FGCU students. The lists below show schools offering only Business programs and those offering both Business and Non-Business programs.

For additional information, contact Rosemary Meza by phone at 239-590-7301 or by e-mail.

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International Exchange Program Partner Schools

Links are available to websites for some of the schools below.
For those that have links, click on the school's name to open its website in a new browser window.
Websites are in English except as noted.

Schools Offering Only Business Programs

Audencia Nantes School of Management
Nantes, France

  • An elite business school accredited by three key international bodies: Equis, AACSB, and the AMBA.
  • Offers a six-week summer school program on the European Money Market. 

Burgundy School of Business
Dijon-Bourgogne, France

  • Offers extensive undergraduate and graduate business programs taught in English.
  • Accredited by AACSB International, Equis, and AMBA.

Tours-Poitiers, France

  • Offers a comprehensive undergraduate and Graduate business curriculum in English
  • “Doing Business in Europe” a four-week undergrad or a two/three-week summer grad program
  • Accredited by AACSB International, Equis, and EFMD

Groupe ESC Toulouse
Information Sheet (PDF)
Campuses in Toulouse, France and Barcelona, Spain

  • Accredited by Equis, AACSB, and the AMBA
  • A selection of business courses taught in English in both campuses (Tolouse, France and Barcelona, Spain)
  • Short summer porgram also available

Harz University
Wernigerode, Germany
Summer 2012 Program Description (PDF)
(This is a special program available to CIS and CS majors with specific program requirements. Please contact Ms. Meza for details.)

University of Wuerzburg
Wuerzburg, Germany
Summer 2012 Program Description (PDF)
(This is a special program available to CIS and CS majors with specific program requirements. Please contact Ms. Meza for details.)

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Schools Offering Business and non-Business Programs

Halmstad University
Halmstad, Sweden

  • Offers large selection of Business, Economics, Science, Humanities, Health, Engineering and Social Services undergraduate classes taught in English.

Unitec International
Auckland, New Zealand.

  • Offers a variety of business and non-business programs.

Yantai University 
Yantai, China
(This is a special program available to all qualified FGCU students with specific program requirements.  Please contact Ms. Meza for details.)


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