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FGCU Offers Emotional and Spiritual Counseling in Wake of Tragedy

As a result of the tragic events that occurred today, counseling and student services at Florida Gulf Coast University has established a group of individuals to assist students, faculty and staff with personal support. The following individuals have agreed to assist our community members:     

Jon Brunner 590-7950
Janet Ullman 590-7952
Hilles Hughes 590-7958
Alice Brunner 590-7875
Chris Miller 590-7898
Rose McGahee 590-7950
Russ Sabella 590-7782
Linda Summers 590-7016
Deb Merwin 590-7950
Kathy Kirrley 590-7031

After hours: 281-6454

In reference to spiritual needs below is a list of our campus ministers:

Ann Aichinger 947-9497 or 823-6333 (cell)
Steve Graebner 641-3980
Bill Harward 415-0306
Jason Schafer 340-0630
John Williams 274-7001
Rick Wojnicki 267-2509 or 849-8859 (cell)
Tom Fennell 863-669-1276
Meredith McMillan 455-2707 or 246-2614 (cell)
John Anderson 821-3599

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