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Renaissance Academy Offers Two-Part Art Film Series

FORT MYERS, FL - Two celebrity hosts introduce an art film series in Naples offered by Florida Gulf Coast University’s Renaissance Academy at 6 p.m. on two Thursdays, June 20 at the Von Liebig Art Center and July 25 at the FGCU Naples Center.

Offered in association with the Von Liebig Art Center, “Art in the 21st Century” features 21 of today’s most fascinating artists, their diverse lives, how they work and why.

Naples artist Fred Nold will facilitate each session.

The Renaissance Academy requests attendees, both members and non-members of the Academy, to provide a $5 donation to the Marjorie Lenk Kneale Film Program in lieu of a registration fee.

FGCU created the Renaissance Academy on the premise that learning should never stop and that keeping the mind intellectually, creatively and culturally active fundamentally enhances the quality of life.

FGCU offers the Renaissance Academy, both on campus and at off-site locations, as part of the University’s commitment to serving the region.

For more information about the Renaissance Academy or other available summer courses and packages, call (941) 590-1095 or write to

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