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U.A. Whitaker College of Engineering


The first three semesters of coursework are common to the bioengineering, civil engineering and environmental engineering programs, providing students with time for thoughtful selection of a major. Software engineering majors will be taking their first computing and engineering classes within the first year. The engineering course, "EGN 1006L Intro to the Engineering Prof.," which is required of all engineering students, provides an introduction to selected fields of engineering and focuses on hands-on laboratory activities and exploration of professional opportunities associated with the engineering degree programs offered at FGCU. To schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor in the College of Engineering call (239) 590-1445.

Freshman Transition Workshop

Freshman Transition Workshops are offered by the U.A. Whitaker College of Engineering (WCE) to welcome students from First Year Advising (FYA) to the College and provide specific information regarding their program of study. Stduents usually transition from FYA to WCE the beginning of their second semester. Prior to the workshop, an Advising Hold is placed on the student's record to support the transition from First Year Advising to the College and to verify their progress toward graduation. Once a student attends a workshop, the Advising Hold is removed to allow registration on the designated freshman priority registration date.

Transition Workshops are scheduled on the following days and times for all Engineering Majors. Click on any one of the scheduled workshop dates to fill out an online registration form. Choose the workshop you would like to attend and sign up today!

***If there are no workshops available listed below, please call U.A. Whitaker College of Engineering (WCE) Advising Office at 239-590-1445***

Register for a Freshman Transition Workshop

Student Services

The U.A. Whitaker College of Engineering provides the following services for students:

  • Academic advising and program information for current and potential students
  • Referral to faculty mentors and campus resources for career planning
  • Communication regarding internship opportunities
  • Orientation for students applying for admission to the school
  • Assistance with issues related to registration and academic standing
  • Evaluation of academic transcripts and articulation of transfer credits
  • Maintenance of academic advising records and degree audits
  • Certification of graduation

Students are expected to take primary responsibility to meet with their academic advisor on a regular basis to insure completion of all requirements for graduation.

The engineering degree programs help prepare students to be successful when taking the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam, the first step towards professional licensure.

Transfer credit will normally be accepted from regionally accredited institutions. Transfer credit received by The Office of Admissions will be evaluated for appropriate credit toward specific requirements in the student's degree program. Registration assistance will be provided at transfer orientation based on the evaluation of official transcripts and degree applicable transfer credit. Admitted students may view transfer credit and access a Degree Evaluation in the Student Records secton of the Gulfline Accounts. Degree evaluation instructions may be found at this link:

Degree Programs

  • Bioengineering (B.S.)
  • Civil Engineering (B.S.C.E.)
  • Environmental Engineering (B.S.Env.E.)
  • Software Engineering (B.S.) (Note: this program is scheduled to begin in fall of 2011)
  • Computer Science (B.S.) (Note: no new students will be admitted to this program starting with the 2011-12 academic year)

Student Grade Appeal

The Student Grade Appeals Policy is published in the Student Guidebook provided online by Judicial Affairs. Students should read the policy before beginning the grade appeal process. Failure to follow the correct procedures may result in a delay of the resolution of a grade appeal. The process for Student Grade Appeals can be found at