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For Middle School Students Entering 7th & 8th Grades

About the Mathletes Program

The FGCU Mathletes summer camp is a program for bright and talented middle school students interested in investigating concepts in mathematics that are not usually introduced at the middle school level. The program focuses on improving problem solving abilities, strengthening communication skills and developing collaboration and leadership skills. The setup of the program will provide an intellectually stimulating and supportive environment for middle school students to enhance their mathematical interests through early experience and exposure to STEM related careers. Participants will meet professionals in the field of mathematics, computer science, chemistry and engineering.

Description of the Activities

The program will run from 9am to 4pm Monday through Friday. Each day students will participate in instructional sessions taught by FGCU professors, problem solving sessions led by FGCU mathematics graduate students and hands-on STEM activities.
The instructional session will be conducted as an inquiry-based lesson. Students will be working in small groups on interesting problems and hands-on activities in various branches of mathematics including probability, geometry, number theory, matrix algebra and algebraic functions.
During the problem sessions, as the students work in small groups, they will be guided by FGCU mathematics graduate mentors through the process of thinking logically and creatively to solve mathematical problems. Problem solving sessions will encourage student participation, help improve communication and leadership skills. With the guidance of the professors and mentors, students will learn how to effectively articulate their thinking processes.
In STEM activity sessions students will be taken on a tour by FGCU professors from computer science, chemistry and engineering fields to showcase STEM departments. The connections between mathematics and wide variety of fields will be discussed. Professors will share their experiences working in STEM related careers.