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For Middle School Students Entering 7th & 8th Grades


Program Directors

T. Huffman

Tanya Huffman, M.A.

Mrs. Huffman has taught undergraduate   level mathematics since 2005.  She has  developed inquiry-based curriculum materials for introductory statistics and calculus courses and facilitated workshops on developing Process-Oriented Guided-Inquiry Learning (POGIL) activities. She coordinates business calculus courses and mentors new faculty. Her classes utilize active learning and technology enhancement - clickers, mobile devices and team-based learning with game play (Math Jeopardy). She is a member of the organizing committee for the undergraduate mathematics conference. She writes  High School tests for the FGCU annual mathematics competition and FGCU STEM competition. She is a member of the judging panel for the middle school science fair. She is a faculty member of the FGCU Honors Program, Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Initiative and Whitaker Center for STEM Education. She is a senior faculty personnel for the STEM Professional Academy for Reinvigorating the Culture of Teaching (SPARCT) program.

T. Huffman

Shandez Baker

Shandez Baker will be a graduate of FGCU with a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics Education in May 2016. She has interned at Bonita Springs Middle Center for the Arts in Fall 2015, and she is currently interning at North Fort Myers High School teaching Algebra 2 Honors and Trigonometry. She transferred from Hawaii, her home state, to take classes with her husband in his hometown, Fort Myers, after he separated from the United States Marine Corps. She has worked as a Instructional Assistant for the Math Department and worked in the Mathematics Tutoring Lab. This will be her second year working with the Mathletes program. She has done research on population dynamics on native and invasive species of Florida, which was presented at the Aspire Conference, and will be doing research in Hungary on Math Education. Her interest is in biomathematics, and combining mathematics with other disciplines. She will be a future high school teacher in a local county, while working on her Master's in Mathematics.



T. Huffman

Rob Nichols, M.A.

Mr. Nichols has spent 7 years teaching  middle and high school mathematics at the  Canterbury School in Fort Myers, FL prior to spending 3 years teaching undergraduate mathematics at FGCU.  He is a Faculty Assistant Coordinator supervising graduate and undergraduate teaching assistants for the mathematics department. In addition to teaching undergraduate mathematics, Mr. Nichols has taught courses in the College of Education regarding teaching strategies and models for teachers in K-12 and math methods for grades 6-12. Mr. Nichols is the Co-Director of the FGCU Mathematics Competition and the FGCU STEM Competition. He is a faculty member of the Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Initiative at FGCU specifically looking at a new instructional method called the “Flipped Classroom.”  He serves on the Secondary Education & Alternative Certification Advisory Board for the College of Education as the Department of Mathematics Representative.



T. Huffman

Senthil Girimurugan, Ph.D.




Program Personnel

Rachel Campbell

Rachel Campbell, M.S.

Chemistry Instructor at Florida Gulf Coast University
Stay Tuned: Sound Wave Models -Chemistry Activity Leader


Tanya Kunberger

Sue Coticone, Ph.D

Associate Professor of Chemistry at Florida Gulf Coast Universit
Crime Scene Investigation 


Menaka Navaratna

Menaka Navaratna, Ph.D

Associate Professor of Mathematics at Florida Gulf Coast University
Curriculum Director 


Faculty Participated in Previous Years



Kevin Davies

Kevin Davies, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Florida Gulf Coast University
Spectrometer Activity Leader -2014



Fernando Gonzalez

Fernando Gonzalez, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at Florida Gulf Coast University. Robotocs Activity Leader -2015

Ian Campbell

Ian Campbell, M.S.

Chemistry Instructor at Florida Gulf Coast University
Stay Tuned: Sound Wave Models -Chemistry Activity Leader


Tanya Kunberger

Tanya Kunberger, Ph.D

Associate Professor of Civil Engineering and Founding Faculty member in the U.A. Whitaker College of Engineering at Florida Gulf Coast University
Building Rube Goldberg Contraptions


Teaching Assistants

Perri Spence - graduate student, Mathematics
Leigh Brawner - undergraduate student, Mathematics
Joshua Jorgensen - graduate student, Computer Science












Joseph Cuiffi

Joseph Cuiffi,, Ph.D

Assistant Professor of Department of Environmental and Civil Engineering
Solar Activity Leader-2015