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Faculty/Staff Achievement
Performance Newsletter
From Vol.13, Issue 10 [read all]
Awards or Recognitions

Renee Jeffreys, PhD, M. Cordova, E.Shamus, J, Riley. K.Collins,, College of Health Professions and Social Work, Physical Therapy & Human Performance, "Exercise is Medicine on Campus - Silver Level", American College of Sports Medicine, May 29.

Professional Presentations

Sandra Pavelka, Ph.D, College of Arts and Sciences, Institute for Youth and Justice Studies , "Restorative Justice Policy and Legislation in the States", National Conference on Community and Restorative Justice, National Assoc of Community & Restorative Justice, Ft. Lauderdale, June 1-3.


Dorothy Rea, Ph.D, Valesky, T.C., Carter, C.F., Wilkerson, J.R, Graduate Studies , "Scaling of Educational Leadership Candidates' Commitment to the ISLLC Standards: The ELCBS Scale.", Southern Journal of Education Administration., Quarterly , pp. 37-46.

The FGCU Performance Newsletter is published by the Office of Community Relations and Marketing.