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1.001 President General Counsel Guidelines and Procedures for Approval and Issuance of University Policies 03/02/2010 President
1.002 President General Counsel Retention of External Legal Counsel 12/13/2005 President
1.003 President Athletics Department of Intercollegiate Athletics Substance Abuse Testing Program 06/30/2006 President
1.004 President Internal Audit Policy Against Fraudulent or Other Dishonest Acts 07/24/2008 President
1.005 President Flag Policy 01/27/2009 President
1.006 President General Counsel Non-Discrimination, Anti-Harassment, and Sexual Misconduct 01/27/2015 President
1.007 President OIEC Consensual Relationship Policy and Procedure 09/25/2009 President
1.008 President OIEC Disability Access and Reasonable Accommodation Policy and Procedure 10/22/2013 President
1.009 President OIEC Policy and Procedure on Waiver of Position Vacancy Announcement and/or Advertising 05/18/2010 President
1.010 President University Ombuds Student Course & Credits Grievance Policy 05/19/2009 President
1.011 President Naming of University Buildings and Facilities 03/25/2014 President
3.030 President Human Resources Annual Leave 12/02/2014 President
3.034 President Human Resources Sick Leave 12/02/2014 President
3.037 President Human Resources Criminal Background Checks Policy 05/20/2014 President
3.039 President Human Resources Family and Medical Leave 05/16/2013 President
3.041 President Human Resources Domestic Violence Leave 04/08/2014 President
3.044 President Human Resources Drug Free Environment 03/30/2015 President