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Office of the General Counsel

Office of the General Counsel

Regulation Development


Florida Gulf Coast University promulgates regulations in accordance with the Florida Board of Governors (BOG) Regulation Development Procedure for State University Boards of Trustees as adopted July 21, 2005, when acting pursuant to authority derived from the BOG.

The regulations identified below are proposed new/revised regulations which must be approved by the University Board of Trustees.  Any person may submit written comments concerning a proposed regulation to the contact person identified in the notice within 14 days after the date of notice.

Comments Deadline
Posting Date
Public Hearing Scheduled
7.001 Tuition and Fees Select Regulation Permanent 06/25/2017 05/26/2017 TBD
7.006 Waivers of Tuition and Fees Select Regulation Permanent 06/25/2017 05/26/2017 TBD
1.001 Statement of Agency Organization and Operation Regular Regulation Permanent 06/25/2017 05/26/2017 TBD


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