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Office of the General Counsel




The Office of the General Counsel (OGC) represents and provides legal advice to Florida Gulf Coast University, the Florida Gulf Coast University Foundation, Inc., and the Florida Gulf Coast University Financing Corporation. The OGC supports the mission of the University by handling all legal matters generated by the activities of these entities and by initiating legal action to forestall problems and manage risks. The OGC renders legal advice to University trustees, the President, officers, and administrators and represents the University in all administrative and judicial proceedings.

Common matters requiring legal advice include: 

  • Drafting and reviewing agreements, contracts, licenses and leases
  • Interpretation and drafting of legislation, rules, regulations and policies
  • Intellectual property issues
  • Management of litigation
  • Response to subpoenas and other requests for documents
  • Conflict of interest issues
  • Equity and discrimination matters
  • Governance questions
  • Acquisition of real property
  • Sunshine Law questions
  • Drafting Delegations of Authority

Matters requiring legal advice or legal action relating to University business should be referred to the OGC through the appropriate university administrator such as a director, dean or vice president. The OGC is not authorized to render personal legal advice to University employees or students.