What happens if I forget my password?

You will have to get your password reset.

How do I get my password reset?

Passwords will not be reset until the faculty/staff member presents a photo ID to a technician in Computer Services.

Why do I have to come in person with a photo ID?

This measure of verification is to ensure only the authorized owner of the account resets the password.

How do I change my password from off campus?

Your password can be changed through Webmail and instructions for doing this can be found HERE.

What happens if I don't change my password?

You may loose access to network resources such as email, fileshares, and printers.

Can I share my password with my family/co-workers?

We suggest that you don't share your password with anyone and that you don't write the password down. Doing either will diminish the security of your password.

Why do I need to change my password?

As a Florida Gulf Coast University employee we are given the responsibility of protecting the data of our students. Your account allows you access to priviledged information and thereby needs to be protected with a strong password.

How will changing my password keep data safe?

Weak passwords are a key of entry for a cracker looking for access to our network and/or data. Your account, however trivial as it may seem is an entry point to our network and needs to be protected. Enforcing strong passwords is a way of strengthening the security of our network and the data inside.

What is so special about 180 days?

The standard for the secure age of a password is 90 days. We are working with a 180 day age to help ease the transition to stronger password security.

Why do you have complexity requirements?

The complexity requirements are there to ensure that the passwords created and changed are strong enough that cracking them will be useless. To view an example of password cracking speeds Click Here.

Does this mean I have to change my Angel password?

No, changing your network password will automatically change your angel password.

Does this affect my Gulfline password?

No, Gulfline uses your UID number and PIN, changing your password will not effect it.

Why do I have so many different passwords?

The same reason that you have a bunch of keys. Lots of places to which you have access but need to protect it from others having access.

Can't I just use my SSN/UID number?

Your SSN and UID would not be valid passwords because they consist solely of numerals and thereby violate the complexity requirements for creating a secure password.

What is a network password?

The password you use to logon to your computer each day. It also allows you to access email, Angel and most other network resources.