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12/2/2010 :

Weekly Update

Higher Education Coordinating Council

The HECC committee met again on Monday to discuss and refine the third draft of the statutorily required recommendations. They are currently writing a fourth draft with the updates from this meeting. These updates include:

  • Cutting the number of recommendations down to 44 (originally was 88)
  • Trimming down the summary document to be more compact and direct
  • Continue thematic listing of recommendations instead of systemic (Florida College System, SUS, DOE, etc.).

They also plan to share this draft with Chair Proctor in the House and Chair Lynn in the Senate. We will send you the 4th draft once it is available.

House Higher Education Appropriations

Eric Barron gave a presentation on the FSU MAG Lab and what it means to the university and the region. He also expressed the risk of losing the MAG Lab if the Federal funding were not matched by the state. Attached is his presentation.

Senate Higher Education Committee

Chair Oelrich invited various University Presidents and Athletic Directors to his committee discuss the recent NCAA violations and to see if there is anything the Legislature can do to address this issue. President Bernie Machen, from UF, and his Athletic Director gave an overview of how they try to prevent and deal with violations. There was also much discussion about the new NCAA regulation allowing Universities to provide an additional $2,000 stipend to cover entire cost of attending school. There was some discussion that $2,000 may not be enough for some of the less fortunate students. UF’s athletic director explained how student athletes can receive Pell grants if they meet the eligibility requirements. He also let the committee know that there are many smaller schools that will have difficulty or may not be able to provide the $2,000 stipend to athletes, causing a competitive disadvantage for these schools, and that increasing that stipend will make it even more difficult. UF’s AD also cleared up the point, after being questioned about how much UF’s athletic department brings in, that these stipends are limited by the NCAA and even if they wished to give more, they cannot.

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