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BUDGET ACTION - 5/20/2014

On Tuesday, May 20, 2014, the General Appropriations Act (HB 5001) was delivered by the House speaker's office to Governor Rick Scott. In accordance with article III, section 8, subsection (a) of the Florida Constitution the Governor has 15 consecutive days to take action.



On March 2, 2014 the Florida Legislature passed a record-setting $77.1 billion budget and adjourned, sin die, until the Fall, when they will reconvene for committee meetings after the November 4th general election. The $77.1 billion final appropriation bill is currently being prepared for presentation to the Governor sometime this month and it is anticipated that it will be presented to the Governor sometime during the week of May 11th. Once the Governor is presented the bill he will have 15 consecutive days thereafter to review and exercise his authority of line-item veto before signing the bill into law. If the bill is presented to the Governor during the week of May 11th it is anticipated that he will complete his review and actions on Friday, May 23rd.





After several offers presented by each Chamber, the budget conference has negotiated most of the budget, except for proviso language (Performance Funding) and PECO projects.  Those issues are expected to be determined today.  Hopefully, the process will be completed sometime today to remain on schedule for the mandatory 72-hour cooling off period and May 2nd sine die.  When the budget is available, we will provide the final numbers on all the issues affecting FGCU.


Last week's actions included bills on second and third reading in each chamber.  Below are the bills that were passed by both chambers and will be sent to the Governor for his review and action.  The coming week starts the final week of the 2014 regular Session. Currently, several major issues remain unresolved, so the fate of several bills we are tracking are outstanding with their outcomes unclear.  Legislation will move fast and furiously this week with amendments to conform bills to agreed upon versions as leadership and members attempt to pass their priorities.

HB 115- University Direct Support Organizations (Representative Cary Pigman)

HB 115 was substituted for SB 318 and approved by both chambers and will be sent to the Governor for his review and signature. 

SB 646 – Relating to OGSR/Postsecondary Eduation Records and Applicant Record (Senator Bill Montford)

SB 646 was substituted for HB 7121 and approved by both chambers and will be sent to the Governor for his review and signature. 


Please note that we will furnish a bill summary and any other details for the above referenced bills upon requestWe will continue to monitor these issues and other important legislative proposals.   



2014 Session Week 7


Committee and Floor Action

Due to the Passover and Eatser Hoilday, no committee meetings or chamber floor actions were scheduled.

Budget Action

During the week long break, House and Senate staff began work on preliminary budget issues to allow the members to return and immediately start negotiations on the $72 billion state budget.