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Center for Judaic, Holocaust, and Genocide Studies

Center for Judaic, Holocaust, and Genocide Studies

Center for Judaic, Holocaust, and Genocide Studies
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Center for Judaic, Holocaust, and Genocide Studies
Florida Gulf Coast University
10501 FGCU Blvd.
Fort Myers, FL 33965

Dr. Paul Bartrop
Office: 239-590-7239




BoysWelcome to the Center for Judaic, Holocaust, and Genocide Studies at FGCU. We are a university-focused academic institution, established in 2005 due to the pioneering efforts of several members of the Jewish communities of Southwest Florida. Conscious of the fact that the past century was the bloodiest in history, the Center’s main focus is to increase knowledge and understanding about the Holocaust and other genocides, as well as rescuing the history of the vibrant Jewish communities that were lost. Over the years the Center has grown from offering a few events relating to Holocaust and other commemorations, to one which has become a focus in Southwest Florida for all academic matters relating to Jewish civilization, the Holocaust, genocide, human rights, and remembrance. The Center relies on your generous support to help us maintain and develop our rich program of events within and outside the University. All events are open to the larger community.