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FGCU International Services

FGCU International Services

Study Abroad



Why not take one of your semesters or summers and do something different? You can earn academic credit while studying in another country! The Office of International Services and Study Abroad at FGCU assist in finding many options for you to add an international dimension to your education: from faculty led short term study abroad programs to independent semester and summer programs as well as international internships and service learning opportunities. When you incorporate one or more of these options into your studies at FGCU, you make a significant investment in your future. You will gain a broad perspective on the world, a greater awareness of your own culture and history, amazing travel stories to share and you'll have a lot of fun. In addition, you will find that you have greater employment opportunities after you graduate.

Spring 2017 Study Abroad Information Session Schedule (in Reed Hall 125)

Tuesday, January 17th at 1pm (Reed Hall 223) 

Wednesday, January 25th at 3pm

Monday, January 30th at 1pm

Wednesday, February 8th at 11am

Tuesday, February 14th at 11am (Reed Hall 223)

Thursday, February 23rd at 3pm

Thursday, March 16th at 3pm

Tuesday, March 28th at 3pm 



Faculty Led Study Abroad Programs in 2017 - Click Here!



Study abroad in England at Harlaxton Manor (photos above) in Grantham, 90 minute train ride from London. Click here for more information and FGCU student application instructions



 Types of Study Abroad programs available to FGCU students:

FGCU Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs (FLSA)  FLSA programs are short-term (generally 2 weeks to 2 months) study abroad trips led by FGCU faculty. FLSA programs are designed to study a specific topic. Students earn direct FGCU academic credit for the course. The FGCU International Services Office coordinates applications for and serves as a central hub for information regarding FLSA programs. Benefits for this type of program are receiving direct FGCU credit, building relationships with fellow FGCU students and faculty, a programmed schedule created by knowedgable professors and the alignment of curriculum with international regions. Click here for more information and which programs have been announced to run in 2017!!!

Provider Programs (Transfer Credit) – Program providers are third party organizations or universities that generally provide semester/year long or summer session programs at universities and centers throughout the world. Students earn credit that can be transferred to FGCU and used to satisfy specific FGCU credit requirements. The FGCU International Services Office coordinates applications and serves as a central hub for information regarding study abroad programs. Benefits for this type of program are cultural immersion, an independent experience, meeting fellow students both from universities throughout the USA and also at host universities abroad, language acquisition and unlimited choices of destination. Students need to really zero in on the countries and cities of where they want to study abroad and compare the different program providers that operate there. Excellent providers that FGCU has worked with in the past and have received positive student evaluations include (click to visit provider websites to search programs):

Florida State University Programs :  Florence, London, Velencia (Spain), Panama City  




Athena Abroad




Summit Global




Spanish Studies Abroad 

Semester at Sea



Recommended programs from past FGCU students, by country


Scotland: KEI, ASA

Spain: FSU, ISA, CEA, CIS, Spanish Studies Abroad


Ireland:  Athena, ISA, Classport, IFSA Butler

Germany: CEPA, CEA, CIEE

Italy: FSU, Athena, CIS, Lorenzo de Medici, USAC

Greece: Paideia

Japan: Athena, KEI, CIEE



Thailand: USAC, Athena, CIS, CIEE

Australia: ISA, TEAN, CIS 

New Zealand: TEAN, USAC, CIS

Costa Rica: ASA, CEA  

Peru: KEI, Athena


Argentina: AIFS, CAPA, ASA


South Africa: CIS, CEA, AIFS


FGCU Exchanges – Exchange programs allow you to pay FGCU tuition to study at foreign institutions with which FGCU has exchange agreements. Students earn direct FGCU academic credit for courses taken abroad. Exchange programs are often affiliated with and coordinated by either an FGCU college or degree program, but are generally open to most students. Lutgert College of Business Exchanges are for Business students only. The FGCU International Services Office does not directly advise on exchange programs. Please contact the appropriate college or degree program for information regarding specific exchanges. If you are a LCOB student and are interested in participating in an international exchange, you can schedule an appointment with Rosemary Meza,

International Internships/Non-Credit Volunteer/Work Abroad Provider Programs – There are many opportunities to volunteer, intern, work, and travel abroad with FGCU student groups or other provider programs that may or may not provided academic credit. FGCU has an affiliation with International Internships that is able to customize your international internship.  The International Services Office can provide information on these types of programs.

Steps to Studying Abroad

Study Abroad Contact:


 Matt Ryan, Asst. Director Study Abroad