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Internships & Co-Operative Programs

Internships & Co-Operative Programs

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The Office of Internships and Co-Operative Programs partners with employers who can offer students meaningful work with a learning component related to their field of study.

By participating in an internship or co-operative program, students can receive academic credit while gaining work experience and earning money to support their education. Gaining meaningful on-the-job training affords students a competitive edge when they earn their degree and begin seeking full-time employment after graduation. In return, employers partnering with us are able to access a flexible, cost-effective workforce without a long-term commitment. Employers can also assess students’ skills and company fit prior to making a permanent offer of employment, which can result in reduced turnover and greater overall employee satisfaction. This system greatly benefits the students, the employers, the university, and the community as a whole.


The Office of Internships & Co-Operative Programs strives to be a leader in work-integrated learning, influence policy makers and thought leaders, forge partnerships with like-minded groups, and provide a supportive learning community for participating students, educators, and employers.


  • Provide a professional and productive program, serving students, campus departments, employing organizations, and governmental/non-governmental agencies.
  • Serve as a highly valued partner within our community that promotes the concept, acceptance, development, and implementation of work-integrated learning.


  • We believe students, employers, educational institutions and communities benefit from effective work-integrated learning programs.
  • We believe that education can be enhanced through a structured work environment and that work provides an environment for continuous learning.
  • We recognize that our effort in promoting work-integrated learning constitutes an investment in our students and our communities that will result in long-term benefits.
  • We uphold and support a community that values:
    • Diversity and cooperation
    • Collaboration, communication and learning
    • Quality, efficiency and effectiveness
    • Responsibility and accountability
    • Continuous improvement
    • Integrity